44 Must Have Content Marketing Tools For The New Age Marketer

The new age marketer is one of a kind. In many roles he plays, he's an SEO, a blogger, a designer, a data scientist among many other things that makes him successful. With content marketing taking the center stage of today's marketing efforts, here are 44 amazing power tools, every inbound marketer must have in hi/her arsenal. 1. Percolate : An integrated suite for content marketing. Everything from managing inspirations to planning, planning, curation and publishing, Percolate is a integrated Read full article [...]

6 Online Marketing Trends That Will Change the Face of Inbound Marketing

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The Internet has dramatically altered the ways information is shared, having had a substantial impact on online marketing. There has been more of a shift towards inbound marketing over the past few years, which has made outbound marketing become rather antiqued. Many companies nowadays are implementing inbound marketing strategies that include using social media to reach more of their targeted audience and also to increase brand awareness. But online marketing trends are changing in 2015, and marketers Read full article [...]

22 Tips For Finding Profitable Keywords on Google

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Nowadays a good website means not only a great web design, effective marketing strategies and a good conversion rate, but also profitable keywords that increase your chances to get high rankings in search engines. While some websites are stuffed with keywords, other sites get too little. Keyword stuffing and too little keywords can both harm a website that can be one of the main obstacles not to be highly ranked in search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As you know, websites with low Read full article [...]

How to SEO Proof Your Website in 2015

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Change is constant and especially so on the Web. Flash animations were all the rage in websites five years ago but have quickly gone out of favor as Flash didn't support touch interfaces, lower power devices, and open protocols in the mobile era. The pace of change can create frustrations as websites need to be updated frequently to stay contemporary and competitive. While you can't stop change, there are things you can do to keep your website ahead of the curve, gain more traffic, and even Read full article [...]

Which Are Your Favorite SEO Tools?

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So, it's 2015 and it's time for another SEO Expert poll. This time, we're asking about your favorite SEO tools. All of us use different SEO tools and some of us, even multiple ones. So, let's share the knowledge and help each other. We're all set to find out the best software in five categories. Category 1 - Best Enterprise SEO Software Category 2 - Best SEO Backlinks Software Category 3 - Best SEO Software for Site Audit Category 4 - Best SEO Software for Keyword Research Category Read full article [...]

The Amazing Potential of Infographics in 2015

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In this digital world, where we are bombarded with a wealth of information constantly, infographics can cut through unnecessary detail to deliver your business’s message clearly and succinctly. What Is an Infographic? An infographic is a visually appealing method of conveying a wealth of information in easy to understand, accessible chunks. They are usually made up mostly of images although there can also be text, which draws attention to the most important points. Text based infographics work Read full article [...]

10 Tips To Setting the Stage for Big Enterprise SEO

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1. Have a bit of SEO Faith It is not uncommon to see businesses spend a large amount of money enterprise SEO initiatives. However, most end up with results that tend to indicate SEO doesn’t have the proper ROI and isn’t as influential to their business as they originally assumed. Companies should be looking to do customer acquisition for their enterprise, or driving customers to their website instead of doing a feasibility test. SEO is a long term pursuit, and requires proper coordination. 2. Read full article [...]

4 Ways My First Backlink Analysis, Changed The Way I Approached SEO

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I’ve been working in the SEO industry for around a decade now.  Over that time, I’ve been involved in every aspect, but with my background in writing (and that being my entryway into the industry), in more recent times I’ve generally found myself focusing more on the content side of the strategies. Importantly, this hasn’t been to the detriment of other factors, but simply that when there’s been a team working on a project, I’ve naturally found myself driving forward the content Read full article [...]

How To Start With Search Engine Optimization

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No matter what kind of business is in question, its basic essence is the same; reaching out to potential customers and convincing them to use the products and services offered. Every person who comes around looking for such goods and services is a potential customer, and there is always competition between various businesses to acquire them. As an entrepreneur, one should not overlook the fact that SEO plays a major role in improving the visibility of the business and widening the purchase funnel. It Read full article [...]

How to Find Out What Your Competition Is Doing for SEO

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No matter what online business you run, your everyday activities concentrate on spreading the word about it, attracting more visitors and convincing them to use your services, tools or buy your products. You have to compete for every single client with a bunch of smaller and bigger companies. As an online entrepreneur (and a regular DailySEOblog reader) you’re perfectly aware of the great and undeniable impact that SEO plays in improving business visibility and making a purchase funnel bigger. Read full article [...]

How To Do an On-page SEO Review the Easy Way

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If you’re reading this, it means that you’re already familiar with the term SEO, you read DailySEO blog’s on a regular basis, basically you live eat and breathe SEO or you’re learning about SEO and you came here for tips on how to optimize websites, generate more organic traffic and to gain more clients and make more money. Well you're in the right place this information is for both types of SEO users.. It doesn’t matter what your background is and whether you’re an SEO specialist Read full article [...]