44 Must Have Content Marketing Tools For The New Age Marketer

The new age marketer is one of a kind. In many roles he plays, he's an SEO, a blogger, a designer, a data scientist among many other things that makes him successful. With content marketing taking the center stage of today's marketing efforts, here are 44 amazing power tools, every inbound marketer must have in hi/her arsenal. 1. Percolate : An integrated suite for content marketing. Everything from managing inspirations to planning, planning, curation and publishing, Percolate is a integrated Read full article [...]

An In-Depth Guide to Google SSL Security & SEO

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On August 6, 2014 came an announcement by Google that SSL is going to be a ranking signal from now on. As SSL becomes a ranking signal, the web is likely to become more secure and SEO strategies would change as a result. That said, there are over 200 ranking factors that determine where your site would sit in Google’s index. Let’s see if this is true. In Google’s own words "Over the past few months we've been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encryptedconnections Read full article [...]

Repurposing content for SEO : The Do’s and Dont’s

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There is no denying that content plays a major role in the world of Internet. You cannot fill your website with mere pictures and expect it to gain value. It is going to be incomplete without content. So yes, quality content is integral for your online business. Often, people tend to pick content from somewhere and copy-paste it on their website, blog, article and so on. Well, you better be careful of indulging in such practices or risk getting caught by one of the most influential search engines, Read full article [...]

The Basics of Event Planning and How to Get The Best ROI Out of It

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Events provide a wonderful opportunity for you to build relationships with your target audience and generate goodwill and leads. The common consumer is constantly being bombarded with so many marketing attempts and messages from business organizations that it often takes a little extra to convince them to make the purchase. Event marketing is a great way to go that little extra mile and promote your product to your target audience. Problem is, organizing an event and having a decent number of Read full article [...]

Speed Up Your Video Marketing Campaigns with These Magical Tips

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“Content” has become the crucial aspect of every Digital Marketing strategy, companies are investing huge amount in content creation nowadays. However according to statistics, people will only be able to recall 10% of your content until and unless it’s a masterpiece with the momentous images, intuitive headings and serving the great purpose. No company, whether it’s B2B or B2C would want that!! Will you??? No company can invest the resource, time and money to every piece of content Read full article [...]

A bigger problem than Google penalty or Bad SEO – “Negative SEO Extortion”

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We've all been hearing about it for a while now - Negative SEO and rivals using it to take down competition. Looks like it has scaled up pretty quickly and spammers are using it as a full time job! There has been several recent incidents reported where competition hired some spammy SEO company to buy links to their competitor and took them down with Google penalty. "Either live or kill", seems to be the the motto of these spammers. So, what's latest here? Negative SEO Extortion. As Read full article [...]

Does Time Spent on Site (Avg. Session Duration) Affect SEO?

- - SEO Trends
So, I recently noticed that for certain highly competitive keywords, comparatively younger webpages popped on the top five search results, beating some very strong authority sites. Obviously, this raised my curiosity. Why would a young page beat the toppers unless it had some strong mentions/links? What about historical performance? Was it so easy to get into these keywords (which as far as I know were very competitive)? And almost all the time (excluding the first few time I noticed Read full article [...]

Now you can get your website into Google News!

- - Technology News
Google has just launched a new webmaster's tool like console for Google News publishers called the Google News Publisher Center. It should help all those who're already on the Google News network to update how your website shows up in Google News. For example,   Update your news site details, including changing your site name and labeling your publication with any relevant source labels (e.g., “Blog”, “Satire” or “Opinion”) Update your section URLs when you change Read full article [...]

13 Powerful Tips To Make You a Twitter Rock Star!

- - Twitter Marketing
Twitter needs no introduction so I won’t talk here about the life and history of the popular 140 character social network. With the ever-changing face of Search Engine Optimisation and with social media becoming a strong part of that, SEO is more SEM (Search Engine Marketing) than ever before. If you want to be an SEO rock star then maybe you should look at social media stardom too. To really make an impact, just showing up isn’t enough though, and I see too many potential rock stars Read full article [...]

5 Powerful Ways To Get More Value Out Of HootSuite

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HootSuite is probably the best social network account management software (wow that was a mouthful) that money can buy. Seriously, HootSuite enables you to publish your social media updates ahead of schedule. Instead of you camping-out in front of your Twitter account and posting in real time, you can use HootSuite to publish your posts while you're out enjoying life (or more likely working). Not only does HootSuite cover Twitter, but it also covers Facebook and other social media platforms Read full article [...]

Is Google+ Fading In Significance?

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In June, Google dropped Google+ profile photos and circle counts from search results, taking away a major benefit of participation in the Google Authorship program. With this development coming on the heels of the April departure of Google+ leader Vic Gundotra, marketers are wondering whether Google+ has any future as a marketing platform. Google+: Fading from Day One? To be sure, Google+ has been challenged to prove itself as a useful marketing platform from day one. The main issue: Google+ Read full article [...]