44 Must Have Content Marketing Tools For The New Age Marketer

The new age marketer is one of a kind. In many roles he plays, he's an SEO, a blogger, a designer, a data scientist among many other things that makes him successful. With content marketing taking the center stage of today's marketing efforts, here are 44 amazing power tools, every inbound marketer must have in hi/her arsenal. 1. Percolate : An integrated suite for content marketing. Everything from managing inspirations to planning, planning, curation and publishing, Percolate is a integrated Read full article [...]

Is Google+ Fading In Significance?

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In June, Google dropped Google+ profile photos and circle counts from search results, taking away a major benefit of participation in the Google Authorship program. With this development coming on the heels of the April departure of Google+ leader Vic Gundotra, marketers are wondering whether Google+ has any future as a marketing platform. Google+: Fading from Day One? To be sure, Google+ has been challenged to prove itself as a useful marketing platform from day one. The main issue: Google+ Read full article [...]

Why Is It Absolutely Important To Monitor Backlinks To Your Website

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I was recently in talks with the director of a large MNC in India who is about to launch a new ad management tool. As part of reaching out to more users he wanted to do content marketing for his site. He asked me a direct question. What are the three most important factors that are key in SEO today? I replied along the lines of.. a. Content optimization, the content needs to have words that people are searching for b. The content we produce should have something that would make it shareable. Read full article [...]

5 Myths About Link Building, SEOs Should Know The Truth About

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Myths within the SEO space are constantly changing along with search engine algorithms and best practices. As a result, it can be difficult to keep straight what rules are still applicable to your SEO strategy and which have changed or were never true to begin with. This year there has been a lot of myths on the internet about different things that can hurt or help your SEO strategies that just aren’t true. Here are 5 you need to know the truth about: Myth #1: Google Authorship or AuthorRank Read full article [...]

Do clicks from search engine queries affect website ranks? Looks like they do.

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During all that Panda/Penguin updates, one of the things that got my (and many other SEO folks) attention was click through rates and their impact on search engine ranks. As Google moved away from onsite optimization factors and spammy link building two things remained influential. Social shares and click through rates. The question was.. what if a large majority of people searching Google found that one particular site on rank 9 or 26, with an interesting CTA on the page title, interesting Read full article [...]

How To Check If Your Robots.txt File Is Working Properly

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Robots.txt file is used to let search engines know what file /directories to crawl and what not to. It is one f those simple things to do in SEO and many people ignore it, even today. Even though it's easy to install, it can get confusing if you're running a big website. Especially, figuring out if the instructions on your Robots.txt file is working properly and URLs are being excluded or not. One had to wait for days together and check SEPRs to confirm if your Robots.txt installation was done Read full article [...]

How Brightpod Doubled It’s Signup Conversions in 9 Months

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Brightpod is a Project Management Software for Marketing teams - an interesting tool I stumbled upon sometime back. Having seen them pretty often in search results and on social media, I caught up with their CEO and Founder Sahil Parikh to find out what was going on with their online marketing efforts. Apparently they increased their website traffic 100% in the last 6 months and almost doubled their visitor > signup conversion rate in less than 9 months. I thought that was pretty impressive Read full article [...]

SEO And The Problem With Glamorization Of Content Marketing!

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With all the focus and talks on content & inbound marketing these days, there is a pretty big inclination in the SEO community to believe that, SEO has come down to just two things - producing good content consistently and social shares. A typical content marketing advice goes something like this, > Create a blog. > Focus on your primary keywords. > Write content around the primary keywords, consistently. > Create lists & leverage social formulas. > Get Read full article [...]

4 Rising Trends in Social Media Marketing To Watch Out For

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Online businesses are changing rapidly all across the globe. More and more numbers of people are using internet while looking for information. Businesses are using all kinds of marketing and advertising strategies to promote their services or products online. Online marketers use various kinds of tools for business promotions. The main target is to reach out to maximum people within a short time frame. Digital marketing is the new thing around and has provided extremely positive results in Read full article [...]

How To Generate Automatic SEO Reports via Google Analytics

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Life of an SEO is all about spreadsheets, data and reports. Well, a good part of life, at least. And reports are inevitable. Monthly, weekly, quarterly reports has to be send and boy, aren't they productivity killers! Sending manual reports will take a lot of time and effort. There's no escaping them. And rightly so, I think every SEO should spend as much as time possible making sense of numbers and putting data into perspective. But routine reports could be automated, you could save a lot of time Read full article [...]

Finally, A Google Rank Tracking Tool, That’s Just Perfect!

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Rank tracking tools are many. A typical rank tracking tool will let you plug in a bunch of keywords against a website name and continuously monitor ranks on a historical basis. There are many such tools that track ranks. Some browser extensions, some stand alone software while some are online tools. This tool that I tried recently is truly one of it's kind. It's called SEO Rank Monitor. It does all that I just mentioned above plus a whole lot of other stuff which makes a lot of difference. Read full article [...]