44 Must Have Content Marketing Tools For The New Age Marketer

The new age marketer is one of a kind. In many roles he plays, he's an SEO, a blogger, a designer, a data scientist among many other things that makes him successful. With content marketing taking the center stage of today's marketing efforts, here are 44 amazing power tools, every inbound marketer must have in hi/her arsenal. 1. Percolate : An integrated suite for content marketing. Everything from managing inspirations to planning, planning, curation and publishing, Percolate is a integrated Read full article [...]

4 Ways My First Backlink Analysis, Changed The Way I Approached SEO

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I’ve been working in the SEO industry for around a decade now.  Over that time, I’ve been involved in every aspect, but with my background in writing (and that being my entryway into the industry), in more recent times I’ve generally found myself focusing more on the content side of the strategies. Importantly, this hasn’t been to the detriment of other factors, but simply that when there’s been a team working on a project, I’ve naturally found myself driving forward the content Read full article [...]

How To Start With Search Engine Optimization

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No matter what kind of business is in question, its basic essence is the same; reaching out to potential customers and convincing them to use the products and services offered. Every person who comes around looking for such goods and services is a potential customer, and there is always competition between various businesses to acquire them. As an entrepreneur, one should not overlook the fact that SEO plays a major role in improving the visibility of the business and widening the purchase funnel. It Read full article [...]

How to Find Out What Your Competition Is Doing for SEO

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No matter what online business you run, your everyday activities concentrate on spreading the word about it, attracting more visitors and convincing them to use your services, tools or buy your products. You have to compete for every single client with a bunch of smaller and bigger companies. As an online entrepreneur (and a regular DailySEOblog reader) you’re perfectly aware of the great and undeniable impact that SEO plays in improving business visibility and making a purchase funnel bigger. Read full article [...]

How To Do an On-page SEO Review the Easy Way

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If you’re reading this, it means that you’re already familiar with the term SEO, you read DailySEO blog’s on a regular basis, basically you live eat and breathe SEO or you’re learning about SEO and you came here for tips on how to optimize websites, generate more organic traffic and to gain more clients and make more money. Well you're in the right place this information is for both types of SEO users.. It doesn’t matter what your background is and whether you’re an SEO specialist Read full article [...]

7 Mistakes Businesses Make With Content Marketing + What You Can Learn From Them

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There has been a significant boom in content marketing and search engines are becoming more sophisticated in filtering out the good from the bad. In fact, this relatively new trend is constantly evolving and what could be relevant one year could be completely redundant the next. Only now businesses have started to realise that good content marketing is about quality information; not just successful promotion. In order to rank highly, engage visitors, boost traffic and, most importantly, survive Read full article [...]

5 Secret Tips To Making Your Content Work For SEO & Users Alike

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One of the hardest parts of content marketing is creating content that appeals to both human readers and search engines. Content needs to fulfill two roles for a business: engaging readers so that they are persuaded to share the content, visit the business’s website, or connect with the brand on social media, and signalling to search engines that the content is high quality and relevant to the niche the business is targeting. The following tips can help you to create content that gets ranked Read full article [...]

Sitemaps for subdomains – How to set it the right way?

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So, imagine you have a main domain and a sub domain - Site A and sub.SiteA, how will you implement sitemaps for each entity? Should you have just one sitemap under the main site or should you have two sitemaps for both the main site and the subdomain? Let's find out. Sitemaps - General thumb rule for installation The general thumb rule for installing sitemaps are on the site root folder. i.e, if it is Site A, then siteA.com/sitemap.xml According to Sitemap standards, Sitemaps are an Read full article [...]

How to find duplicate content in a site?

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Duplicate content is not good for SEO. But what causes duplicate content and how do one find out duplicate content within a site? Here's how. According to Google, when a site has duplicate content, it brings down the relevancy of the website. But, many a times, duplicate content on a website occurs because of webmaster's ignorance. It is not easy to fully avoid duplicate content, but it's not impossible. If you have certain checks done periodically, you don't have to worry about it at all. Read full article [...]

What makes this blogger rule Google First Page Search Results consistently?

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So, using SEO Powersuite and couple of other SEO software listed here, I managed to dig deeper into the SEO secrets of Labnol and how it manages to rule Google SERPs. Hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, do ask in the comments. Who is Labnol? Labnol is one of the most popular websites on the Internet (among top 100 in technology blogs out of 130 million), interestingly run by a single person Amit Agarwal. He is the first professional blogger from India and is probably one among Read full article [...]

How to find search engine ranks for keywords from a previous date?

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Keyword rank monitoring is one of the things SEOs keep doing day in and day out, constantly monitoring performances for all your keywords  across search engines. There are several SEO software that will let you add keywords of your choice to a list and keep monitoring it over a period of time. There is a small glitch though. What if you wanted to know the search engine rank of a newly added keyword some two years back? Since you added the keyword now, you will only get the rank data starting Read full article [...]