Gifographics: Taking Infographics To The Next Level

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What's the fastest way to get your point across without confusing the average online user? Infographics. An ingenious combination of visual stimulation and factual data; information graphics is one of the easiest and quickest ways for websites to educate their visitors. In general, ANYTHING could be transformed into an infographic. Whether it's a complex modern marketing analysis or a comical satire of the human mind – people will find that it's both useful and entertaining. A Brief History The Read full article [...]

Unnatural CTRs on Google Display Ads? Here’s what might be wrong

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Has it ever happened to you that your Google display ads CTRs went crazy and there was practically no engagement at all on your landing pages? The novice would think that there is something wrong with your ads or Google is playing a trick on you. Well, apparently, it could be your mistake. Just came across this classic mistake via this post by Aha. Where they were seeing abnormal CTRs with zero engagement on their display network. Consulting with the Google representative, they noticed that Read full article [...]

Here are all the websites that Google penalized SEOs for link building ..

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So, if you've done any link building in the past, you should (and are) probably worrying about a possible penalty from Google. Out of all the backlinks pointing to your website, you wonder which are good and bad. There is no fool-proof method to know other than awaiting that dreaded "manual spam action taken" email from Google. But, here's a hint. Removeem, a leading backlink remover tool has come out with a grand list of top 100 websites that is most removed by webmasters using their tool. Read full article [...]

5 Analytics Tools That Give Inbound Marketers The Upper Hand Every Time

Your analytics toolkit needs to fulfill 5 essential roles: web analytics, social tracking, call tracking, mobile tracking, and content tracking. If you fulfill these five functions, you can be assured that you’ve got a complete picture of your results and will have the information you need to fine-tune your efforts. Apps For Web Analytics & Tracking This is the most basic tool in your analytics arsenal. You need to be able to have a complete picture of your web traffic. You need to know where Read full article [...]

How to contact thousands of bloggers in one go, the legit way?

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You might argue that link building and guest blogging are dead, and that what happens today in the name of outreach, is spam. I will gladly agree partially. Because, I'd rather call this thing - Relationship Building. Read on.. So, traditional link building outreach is where you try and contact other bloggers for links. Bad idea. You are basically begging for links. One, it doesn't work the way you'd expect. Because, reputed bloggers know that links shouldn't be sold, so they'll skip your request. Read full article [...]

New Age User Experience Research w/ Remote usability testing & Emotion tracking

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Before releasing a product into the market or loading your application into an app store, you need to test it. Testing is an extensive process because you have to get the right people to do the tests. It will certainly take time and also involves a considerable amount of expense. That is why you need to get a tool like YouEye. Give your usability testing a whole new approach by taking up YouEye. This online user research platform enables you to do remote usability testing very fast. What Can YouEye Read full article [...]

Automatically Monitor Competition Backlinks Easily w/ Alerts & Reports

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Link building is going through an identity crisis right now, but one thing that successful SEOs monitor constantly is competition link profile - even if they are not keen on profiling their own. If you see a lot of activity around your competition, it probably is worth your time to jump in and see what's going on. May be, you need to act upon as well. Well, this tool does just that without all the hassles of having to do it manually. Automatically monitor your competition's backlinks with Monitor Backlinks. What Read full article [...]

Heavy fluctuations in Google traffic (Nov 2013) And how to deal with it

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Its been a  bumpy ride for many websites the last couple of weeks. Google traffic is reported fluctuating heavily in November, and many websites have seen heavy increase and decrease in traffic, but Google has no official announcements so far. Here's a sample screenshot showing the fluctuations for one of the websites. Meanwhile, there's no word from Google, regarding any possible update/refreshes. It is quite possible that this is one of those minor updates that should be ignored and Read full article [...]

Improve Productivity at Schools w/ Analytics Platform For Educational Institutions : BrightBytes

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With the growing usage of technology by students to learn and interact, educational institutions have realized the importance of integrating it into the classroom; however with so many tools in the market, educators are finding it difficult to separate the signal from the noise. This is where making use of the BrightBytes tool, Clarity, can help out. What Does BrightBytes Do? BrightBytes tool, Clarity, tells you how a particular technology has enhanced your student’s performance. When you Read full article [...]

2014 for Search Agencies : Problems, Solutions & The Future

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We all know that search has gotten the biggest disruptive changes in 2013, both in organic and paid, and has evolved to better and bigger platforms today. While this is all great, search, as a marketing channel, poses numerous challenges than ever before, to search marketers today. Agencies are going through a challenging phase today, some with identity crisis, some trying best not to get stuck in time and the rest trying best to convince brands to put in the money. Testing times for sure, but Read full article [...]