Google Custom Search gets Better With Faster Loading

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I’ve been a big fan of the Google Custom Search Engine (even though this website does not feature it) and the team behind it.

Over the years, they’ve made this tool so very easy to use and efficient, as one can possibly imagine.

This time, the CSE got even better with automatic syncing, faster page load (something that has been troubling me ever since them updated it some time back) and some minor AJAX capabilities.

Following are the new additions to the Google Custom Search Engine.

  • Search UI is rendered based on the settings stored on the Google CSE servers. This means that any configuration changes you make in the CSE control panel will automatically be reflected on your web pages the next time they reload. You no longer need to copy-and-paste new element code into your website when you modify your CSE using the control panel.
  • All element code is loaded asynchronously for reduced page load times.
  • Client-side customization allows you to overwrite global CSE settings on a per-page basis. For example, you can enable search history, disable auto search on page load, configure different Google Analytics parameters, and more. Customization is done through an easy-to-use HTML syntax which does not require any Javascript knowledge.

So, head over to Google CSE and set one for your site too.

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  • Michael

    Personally, I think it’s been getting slower… but there we go! Haha