So, Exact Keyword Match Domains Will Not Help SEO

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Its clear (for those who always wanted an official word on it). Exact match domains are not a good idea for SEO. We’ve had many instances where Google had reported exact keyword match as a low quality signal.

Websites will an exact keyword match domain is likely to be built up specifically for ranking against a keyword and not necessarily have to top authority. Although I agree that this is the general trend, we’ve also seen websites with partial keyword match domains with no particular agenda.

Obviously, a domain name like “” is clearly low quality and aimed at the particular keyword. The objective for such a website existing is clearly “doubtful”. However, a website like or might not be as aggressive as the first one.

Having said that, an exact keyword domain match is a good reason to indicate or question further about the intentions of the website existing. Add a layer of thin content and over optimization, the website is for sure doomed!

Exact keyword match domains were always frowned upon by white-hat SEOs, and now with the official word out from Google, and the EMD update – we have a documented reason as why not to go for an exact keyword match domain.

SEOs please take note.

P.S – I wonder if Google will take it to the next level, by checking exact keyword matches within sub-domains or page level. Food for thought.

Wbsites affected by Exact Domain Match Update.

Non-Official Tweet from Matt Cutts reg: EDM update.

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