Filed Under (Tools) by Mani Karthik on 11-05-2007

As an SEO whenever i visit a blog or read an article, my eyes ponder for the keywords used in it. Simply because I’m curious to know as to how deliberately have the author stuffed in them neatly.Sometimes there are great articles, sometimes there are scrap ones - i judge this based on the keyword density factor combined with the readability factor. A great article would have enough keyword density for the search engines, all the while maintaining the readability factor for the readers.

Though finding out the keywords in an article was never an easy job. I found a Firefox plugin that makes things easier this side.

It scans for possible keywords used in an article and shows it’s page strength simultaneously when you are browsing the page.

It will help you when you are drafting articles for your blog.Let it run when you are drafting the article, and adjust the keyword density to satisfactory levels before you publish the post.

That’s a neat SEO trick!

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