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Let’s see some in depth link analysis today.
You are aware that the number of links to a particular website is very important in deciding it’s SERPS position. But how important and what are the metrics that measure it?

Well, the links command on Google(link:website) will give you the number of inbound links to a particular website. The more the number the better the rank - right?

For example, searching for link:www.yahoo.com will give the total number of websites that link to yahoo.com.Linkers as i call them.

Now let’s dig a bit more into it.According to Google, Quality links matter the most when counting inbound links. You might have read this in their official documents.
Hey what’s with quality links? All of the links to my site are quality ones - aren’t they? After all only I’d know how i managed to collect them.

Well, a small clarification there. By quality links google means a lot of things.Yea a lot.
Here are a few meanings of “Quality Links”.
- Links from old domains, the older, the better.
- Links from primary domains, .coms and not .infos(spam spam spam)
- Links from high PR site with authority.
- Links from .gov and .edu sites
- Links with the correct anchor text.

Today, I’m gonna explain about the last one. Anchor Text.

An anchor text is the text used to link to a site. (That’s why John Chow insists you to link him with the text - “Make money online” see…how evil?)

And Google thinks that links that suggests the correct anchor text, weighs more to your credit.
Suppose you have 10 sites that link to you with the anchor text “here”, and 5 sites that link to you with your anchor text “make money online” and suppose your competitor has 10 sites linking to it with the anchor text “make money online” while 5 others link with the anchor text “here”, then it is likely that your competitor will rank you high for the search keyword “make money online”.

So it’s high time that you asked all your friends linked to you to change their anchor text to your keyword, rather than “check this out” and “here” links.

The Allinanchor command (allinanchor:keyword) will give you the number of websites that uses the particular keyword to link on their webpages. Here’s a video tutorial by Gareth Davies on the importance of Allinanchor text.

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  1. It sounds like one would need a good program in order to ascertain the most prominent or useful keywords for a particular business. Any suggestions without forking over a million bucks?

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  2. Great work Mani. I have had the opportunity of learning so much from your blog. I have a query regarding anchor text. Suppose 10 sites link to my site with anchor text “seo india company” and another 10 sites with anchor text “seo India services”. Does it means that my site will get ranked for “seo india” as “seo india” is common in both these anchor text.


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  4. Great one .. I came to this blog for the first time.. searching something on SEO.. I hope i can improve the Search engine results by applying these techniques on my site on Online Education. It would be great if you could have something specific on “SEO for Online Education?”. The site we own is http://www.TargetIIT.com

    I already love ur blog for whatever little i have read so far… Probably the best i have seen for SEO so far.

    Keep up the good work Mani.

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  5. Great video explanation on allinanchor.

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  6. Does the number of words in the anchor text have any importance..?

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