Not getting traffic even after writing good content on your blog?

It may be because you have not optimized your blog for google. If you didn’t know, optimizing a blog is different from optimizing a normal website.The best part is that it’s easier.

Before reading further, please refer these articles.

Here are a couple of sure-shot search engine optimization tips that will help you optimize your blog for Google.

Implement these tips today and i can assure you that your statistics will improve in a few days.

1- Change your title urls/permalinks

Is your blog generating dynamic numbered template headings? Like "www.yourblog.com/entry.php?id=3" ?

Big mistake - you should change this to "www.yourblog.com/your-post-title.htm"

If you are using wordpress you can simply change this from the publish settings.On blogger, you don’t have to worry much as by default the pages generated are titled based on your title usage. In this case you have to be careful with your title.How to write titles that attract traffic?

This is because search engines can understand what your content is based on your url/permalinks. So a url that is generated out of the title makes more sense than a randomly generated numbered page.

2- Make your layout SEO friendly

This may be a little complicated to understand for those who are not familiar with web-design. But let me put it the simple way. Make sure that you have a template that meet the following criteria.

- In your source code, make sure that there is less junk(CSS and HTML) and more of content.

- In your basic template structure, the links(categories or links to your best posts etc) are the first thing that bots will crawl.Example, in a three column template,if your links are included on the left hand side, wen can ensure that bots crawl them first and them move on to the body.Check out this post LINK where I’ve clearly stated on how to select a perfect SEO friendly template for your blog.

3 – Use the Footer.

Bots remember the first and last things they see on your site to a certain level of importance. Like for instance,the footer. Suppose you have a footer that says - copyright - yourblog.com. Change it to "copyright - yourblog.com - SEO tips and Tutorials", this way bots will remember the SEO tips and tutorials keyowrd they read on your blog.Make sure you don’t spam your footer though - with more number of keywords.

4 – Add Image ALT tags.

In free blogging patforms like blogger or wordpress, unfortunately image ALT tags are not used by default. Make sure that in every image you upload(on every article or even the bullet images on the template), you use the keywords as ALT tags make sure you don’t spam it again, but optimum usage is recommended.

5 - Interlinking your posts.

Extremely important point.This is a pain taking process honestly. Because you got to dig out your old posts, get their urls, remember them ah! Pain in the arse! But let me tell you, it’s a good habit to maintain a spreadsheet with all your old and present urls to posts updated, so that you can hand pick them any time.Using this, post links to your old posts within posts. This will ensure that none of your pages are brushed beneath the carpet but are equally given importance and the Google juice will equally fill them.

These 5 tweaks will ensure you that none of the articles, that you wrote with much pain, is left un-noticed but helps you get more traffic on the engines.

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  5. Great site! Love the article. These are SEO basics that every blogger should know…

    The tip about the footer is dead on. I like to use it as a resource when I build sites for clients who serve specific localities. Putting those cities in the footer really helps the client show up for whatever service they provide in whatever locality they service!

    Good work :)

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  7. Great site thank you.

    A question: Are you are saying above that it is “best” to have the links (menu) on the left, or the content?

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  8. [...] Five sure shot tweaks to rank high on Google - Must read for bloggers - The top 5 things you should do to ensure high ranks on Google. Only the relevant SEO tips for Google. [...]

  9. The footer tweak seems to be a good one. Thanks Mani for all the great tips and tutorials.

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  10. Alt tags are crucial, without alt tags, the picture is nearly worthless!

    I found once i’d got a sitemap SEO really became clear to me.

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