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August 1st, Google officially pulled off the supplementary index search operator because Matt thought that it’s not really important and people are un necessarily crying over it.

So the  “ ***-view” operator does not function anymore on Google.

For those of you who are obsessed with checking the number of supplementary index pages (like how i used to be prior to Matt’s declaration), Daniel from dailyblogtips has come out with an idea to find the number of supplemtnary index pages on your site.

He thinks that the following query will show you the supplementary index number.

Total Pages Indexed =
Pages in the Main Index = (or

Pages in Supplemental Index = Total Pagex Indexed – Pages in the Main Index

Daniel proved that he’s a smart guy with this logic. Otherwise, why didn’t anyone else think this way?

Well, why i didn’t think this was is because I’ve been using a free online tool, that would give me the number of supplementary pages on my blog on various Google data centres. Here is the tool. Just give in your domain name and it shows you the data server, along with the number of pages in S.Index against it.

The results are similar to Daniel’s method – though the tool shows some more pages (few hundreds) on this blog. Now, that’s good or bad – you decide. :)

Oops! Almost forgot to write the advatage/disadvantage list. Here goes..

Disadvatages of Daniel’s method
- You got to learn how to use a calculator
- You have to have learned the basic of mathematics (a boring subject.)
- You have to know how many lakhs make a million (10 lakhs = 1 million)
- You waste your energy with more number of clicks

Advantages of the free tool
- No mathematics
- No calculator
- Less clicks
- save your time

Let me know if you can list more..

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