The recent Searchnomics 2007 reveled one more important SEO factor that will help you beat the competition on the search engine ranks page. In fact, it was known earlier, but to hear it from a googler definitely makes sense.

Shashi Thakur - a googler who spoke at the conference admitted that - The location of your server too decides where you rank on the SERP’s.

Suppose you have a domain. When your site ranks for a particular keyword on the Google UK search engine, it has a priority over a .com domain provided that your site is optimized well for the keyword.

Elsewhere(Google international) it may rank below a .com domain for the same keyword. Here is an example to illustrate the same.

1 - SERPS for the term “stock photography” on

2 - SERPS for the term “stock photography” on

Notice how ranks number 1 on for the search term “stock photography” while it’s not at the top 3 on

The reason is that has it’s servers in UK, so it has an edge over others on So, it’s clear that Google takes into consideration your server location, while delivering results on local/regional search engines, in a significant way that is!

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  1. Hi Mani,

    Targetting and tracking your SEO results by geography is really important. You need to track your SERP results by the various geographic engines supported by Google/Yahoo etc… I use to monitor and tracking SERP’s because it allows me to specifically target search engines in specfic countries.

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  2. There’s a site that I use called to track my Google SERP positions. You can submit up to 3 keywords per report. The site link is … Its definitly free to use and once it generate the report for you, there’s some helpful hints as well too. Hope this help anyone out there who’s looking for a free seo tool to use.

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  3. My site is no. 1 for the keyword Kayastha, but I am shifting to Wordpress and I am learnig from your posts.

    Keep it up!!

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  5. There is a product coming out on Nov. 25th that will make ranking high in Google sup easy to do. It automates all facets of SEO all in one amazing package. There wont be anything out there nearly this powerful anytime soon.

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Sounds way too good Jon. Will wait for it.

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  6. How do the web sites track, which city you are in?

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  7. i dont think the server locatio is a factor

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