Boost your traffic with correct use of meta description tag

How many of us really give importance to the Meta tags description in our blogs?

How many of us bother to change the description in ever page of our blogs?

And how many of us really check how our meta tag description appear on Google?

Not many of us do. We either take the comfort of your default template settings or at the most go for a meta tag plugin for wordpress and set a universal description for all the pages in your blog. Right?

Raj Krishnan, of the Snippets Team from Google, has posted a new article at the official Google blog. This article seems to convey a whole new meaning to Meta description tags and it’s usage on sites and blogs. In his article he says that bloggers/webmasters should …

He also suggests that one should not..

Raj further says – “A little extra work on your meta descriptions can go a long way towards showing a relevant snippet in search results. That’s likely to improve the quality and quantity of your user traffic.”

So pull up your socks and go ahead tweak your meta tag description for your blog and make it short, sweet and tempting – all the while being relevant to your site.

If you have 5 pages in your blog, give separate descriptions for each page according to the content in them.

If you are looking for a plugin to get this done, install the All in one SEO pack today to your wordpress blog. It will show you a meta tag description field and meta keywords field in the dashboard whenever you write a post, and you can give a separate meta description for each article/page. So you can increase the quality of your pages and it’s snippets on Google, not only for each page of your blog, but each post too.

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UPDATE – According to Google’s latest policies, meta tags are not so important as they used to be.

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