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If there was one thing that you could do to dramatically boost your website traffic, what would it be?

You may go buy a copy of “Click monkeys”, buy the “Ghana Institute’s world famous Traffic Booster software”, or enroll in a “Double your traffic with popups” program. The first one doesn;t even exist, the second one will hack your paypal id and the third one will get your AdSense ads a lifelong ban. Kaboom!

Now, is there something that you can do worthwhile to really boost your traffic by double fold?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s fair to claim anything such. After all we know that there is nothing as “predictable traffic”. If that was the case,then SEO’s like me would’ve given you the exact measure of traffic boost you’ll get if we tweak just the title tag!

So coming to the reality version of things, is there really something that I can do to boost my daily traffic? Yes of course!

Now, this is no magic or “trick” as they call it. It’s sheer hard work. I’ll tell you the short-cut if you are willing to work hard.It worked for me so it should work for you, provided you try.

Step 1 - Subscribe to all those blogs you are interested in. They may be from the same niche you are in or they may be different, that’s not a problem.

What matters is,
- whether the blog authors are popular
- do they reply to comments
- are they likely to get high number of comments and
- do they update regularly

Yea so keep those in mind while subscribing.

Step 2 - Watch out for updates at these blogs in Google reader like  Hawk!!
Do you have a problem doing that? Then you are out of the game. If not, please continue.

Whenever there’s an update in these blogs, be the first to comment. No second no third, be the first!

I know what you are thinking - That’s not easy Mani, there are time differences, there could be others, and the topics may not be interesting, you know there are all these troubles.

Well, my friend, that answers the question why you are not seen a blogstar in the blogosphere!

Had you been the first to comment on the blogs..

- You’d get personal attention from the author.
- You’d get attention from the rest of the commenters.
- You become genuine and passionate blogger.
- You write meaningful comments, not a “I’m doing it just because I have to” thing.
- You’ll get insights on how to write better blogs.

Get the idea? You know that you can’t write great articles like them (the super blogs that you’ve subscribed to), so why not get the maximum out of them with the minimal effort? Makes sense isn’t it?

Some of the blogs that I’d recommend you to subscribe and star commenting firs would be -,,,, and

The inspiration to this article is Amit Agarwal when he “called” me A Rising Blog Star. :)

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  1. This is a really good post. Keep up the good work.

    Steven Finch’s last blog post..The Open Web Awards Are Now Online!

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  2. Thanks Steven, Glad you enjoyed it.

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  3. good list and commenting always helps…and when you have a good genuine comment it helps you even better….

    Innovations Bliss & interesting Ramblings’s last blog post..Get online medical adivce for this winter

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  4. Way to go Mani!
    Looks like your a rising John Chow :D
    Ashwin’s last blog post..PayPerPost is now Smacked by Google

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  5. That makes me fret Ashwin. A Google backlash is the last thing I want. :D

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  6. Well Mani quite an interesting post, fly by night methods could get you into deep trouble. I like your ideas though in becoming a super star.

    Keith Dsouza’s last blog post..Freeware: Best Startup Managers

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  7. Well said mani, Commnets always help to get some traffic from those blogs or sites, But only when if those comments are related to posts.’s last blog post..Free tools for Wordpress Backup

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  8. Indeed Raj,

    They can be relevant, or evil. The idea is to get their attention. ;)

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  9. Very much interesting post and I completely agree to what you have said, being the first one to comment, gets lot of attention.

    Nirmal’s last blog post..Rescue Damaged Discs Using IsoBuster

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  11. Looks I missed that precious number one spot. But hold on…I recall some of my readers calling me a star too.:-)

    Another tip, get a really high trafficked blog to pick up your scent and boom, you’ve got instant stardom.

    Keep up the great work Mani from a buddying fellow blog star (well getting there)

    Monika @ The Writers Manifesto’s last blog post..Litemind’s GWP - My Votes

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Thanks Monika You are indeed a star ! I’m in good company isn’t it? :)

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