Optimize your WordPress blogs titles and meta tags automatically for Google

Meta tags and Titles play a significant role in deciding your search engine ranks. Meta tags are normally added manually to a page in it’s head section. But many a times, this becomes a tedious process. Luckily for WordPress there are plugins that will help you to do this stuff pretty easily.

Here is a plugin called HeadSpace, which does exactly this.

HeadSpace configures your metadata, by creating custom titles for a post, converting it’s tags for specific pages or particular posts etc. in fact it does a variety of Search Engine Optimization tasks to relieve you of the chores. The plugin uses data from the post itself to create custom meta tags and description. It also allows you to edit meta tags of multiple posts from the dashboard. It also helps in enabling Google’s section targeting to improve the quality and relevance of AdSsense ads appearing in your articles.

The best part is that it uses data from other SEO plugins such as UTW, and All in One SEO pack.
It is compatible with WordPress 2.3, you can download it here.

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19 Responses to Optimize your WordPress blogs titles and meta tags automatically for Google

  1. I’m a long-time marketer, but I’ve only been blogging for a few months now. I was surprised to see that WordPress doesn’t use a META description by default. Once I noticed that, about a month ago, I found the add-meta-tags plugin. It seems to be much like the plugin you’re recommending, but I think yours has a few more options.

    The Adsense section targeting option is pretty neat, although I don’t run Adsense on my blog.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Josh Spaulding’s last blog post..Is your Online Business Model Basic or Complex?

  2. Fred says:


    How does this plugin compare to the all-in-one seo pack plugin?

    Fred’s last blog post..10 Internet Marketing Forums To Make Money Online

  3. Mani Karthik says:

    Fred, What I really like about Headspace is that it allows you to individually configure meta properties for all the pages/categories in your blog. Its more than the AIO SEO pack. It automatically generates a list of keywords based on the content of your articles, which is awesome!

    It can import the data from All in One SEO and Ultimate Tag Warrior plugins and does more with the data.
    It also helps you with tracking using Google Analytics and some other services too.

    I think it’s a good bet that All in One SEO.

  4. @Fred…Guess this does a very limited job of metadata configuration and cannot be compared to the all-in-one seo pack plugin…rather it can coexist with all-in-one to provide more functionality…

    Innovations Bliss & interesting Ramblings’s last blog post..How to set grammar and spell check rules in MS Word 2007?

  5. Mani Karthik says:

    The plugin is extremely versatile in my opinion and it does lot more than the All in One plugin. Yes, it is a bit more confusing while using than the All in One SEO plugin, but once you get along with it, i think the benefits are better compared to the All in One plugin.

    Having said that, if you are not ready to do too much with the meta data, and is comfortable with just adding a few keywords and description to each posts. Then you should stick with All in One.

  6. nitinpai says:


    Can you say something on the “yet another meta tag plugin”. It allows the author himself to put in relevant keywords rather than having to rely on the plugin. You can see it in use in my blog.

    nitinpai’s last blog post..Minesweeper – Back with a Bang

    • Mani Karthik says:

      @ Nitin, I won’t prefer “Yet Another Meta Tag Plugin” to “Headspace”. Because, you can do the same with All in One, adding manual keywords.

      Head space does all that automatically, and even with much more power options. See the feature page for Headspace.

  7. Mani, thanks for the tip on this plugin, I hadn’t heard about it. I’ve been using All in One SEO, but this looks like a time saver.

    Michael Martine’s last blog post..Don’t Download the Attention Age Doctrine

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  9. lightpig says:

    I’ve been using All in One SEO, very good plugins ,THX!

    lightpig’s last blog post..sex and the university(15)

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  12. Rob Cubbon says:

    Do you have to deactivate the AIO SEO plugin in order to use Headspace? I’ve subscribed to your blog, Mani, you have a good way of explaining things!

  13. I stil use All in one seo pack with some minor modifications. And it works well.

  14. Chandra says:

    Thanks Mani, Its very nice, i have replaced my all-in-one SEO. i could see the new traffic to my website.

    Thanks Again

  15. Robin says:

    Google is your friend search for more great information you will find alot.

  16. nitin says:

    great stuff thanks for sharing.

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