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I agree that the Internet is an enormous ocean of knowledge and any information is just a click away. But even with such a potential sometime you end up being nothing at one point of time or the other. Have you felt like that? Like having nothing to talk about, nothing to share and nothing to blog. Difficult situation eh?

I’m sure that you’d get over the block one way or the other in no time. But, that triggers one question. How do you manage to write a post? Or what makes you to? I believe it would different for everyone, and it would be interesting to know.

For me, everything happens instantaneously. I mean, I am not the kind who plan about something that I should write the next month and create a draft for it. It never happens for me even if I try. I like being impulsive. But I know there are disadvantages to it. Sometimes you run out of topic and there’s nothing anyone can do to help me. Not even me.In that case the “planners” are at an advantage, even if they have nothing to write about on one day, they would still be publishing what they planned last month. Hmm, pretty smart eh?

Well guess what? I’ve got news for the  “planners”.

- You guys can’t write on a current issue.
- Or even when you plan to, I’d (or some other impulsive blogger) have already blogged about it.
- You guys aren’t up to date, you are one month (or whatever old date you saved the draft) old.
- You miss the “spice” in your articles. I’d gather it form the latest post I read on the RSS reader.

Well, obviously I wouldn’t be talking about the negatives of impulsive blogging here.

But I think, bloggers should be a mix of both. Sometimes impulsive and sometimes planned. The planned ones can be articles like  a “top 10 list of the most infamous seo blogs” while you can be impulsive with the current trends and happenings. What is your opinion? Do you write articles impulsively or plan them well in advance?


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  1. impuslive offcourse….To me blogging is expressing and sharing ideas,tips and opinions and it is more often impulsive than planned, as blogging is about recent news or trends or needs of the hour…

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  2. Most of the time IMPULSIVE…

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