Have you tried to outsource your social media campaigns? Link building, bookmarks, creating viral content etc?

No? Well, if you decided to, then you’re unlucky. Because, once you have decided, and you have the budget, it won’t be an easy task to find the best guy around. In fact, there are so many SEO’s and SEO gurus that you get sick of them so easily.

During my early days, I had contacted some DP forum SEO experts for contract work and with my limited budget, I really had no choices but to go for the cheapest guy. And DP forums as you know has quite a lot of them. Interestingly, many of them were “we do everything” guys who could do everything from link building to directory submissions to content writing. Everything at damn cheap prices. In fact, with my limited budget, I could manage to get a link building campaign that would run for three months, collecting over 500 one way links or more, directory submissions to 1000 directories, and they promised to write articles on any topic you suggested provided it’s under the sun.

Funny isn’t it? Of course DP forums isn’t the right place to find quality people, but if you are ready to do a huge compromise on the quality, you can find some really damn cheap vendors there.

The point I’m coming to is that, it’s alarming to see how many companies work today under the SEO umbrella. They do everything from A-Z, at damn cheap prices. I’m not sure if they are a good bargain but the fact is that many clients prefer them and the money is rolling. As a matter of fact, there were many situations personally, where I had to suggest another cheaper service because the client is adamant on the price. Many clients are happy that way too.

There are many guys around, both freelancers and professional teams who are ready to do custom packages for you. My advice to people who are looking to hire SEO’s and SEMs is that

- Never go for a company who promises everything, it’s highly likely that they don’t have the expertise.
- Never go for damn cheap prices, the service too would be of less quantity and you can’t question it.
- Never go for companies/freelancers who does not have a proven track record/references.
- Never go for the “look” of the site, appearances are deceptive.

But having said all these, there are real good talents too out there. It’s just that they aren’t either seen or talked about. Just google for SEO companies in your locality and you’ll get enough of them.

There’s a new company around that offers some very good services at competitive prices. Nitin Jain is the man behind the company and his company offers everything from link building to social media management. Pretty interesting.

They have an attractive services range and though I haven’t tested them, it sounds like they’re promising what they can deliver. Nitin believes in credibility publicity and has also offered an affiliate program here (No, that’s not my affiliate link, you know I never do that exercise).

Why I selected Nitin, is because he has been in contact with me for quite some time and I think he’s passionate about whatever he’s doing and that should reflect on the services. I’m not sure if they’d be able to pull off everything from link building to directories to digg to blogging…sounds like a little too much to me but, he says those services are put up there because there may be people who are interested in them and he don’t want to lose out.

I wish there are more people like him come up and start their own services companies like Submit comfort. My only concern would be that they should maintain the professionalism that will match the quality of their services. There are many other services like Submitcomfort, that are lost in the sea of frauds and wannabes. If you know one guy or a company, do let us know and I think rather than shooing them away, talk about them and find out as to who’s genuine and who’s not.

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