I’m delighted to introduce to you - a new SEO friendly wordpress theme from DailySEOblog - “SEO Green” !

We’ve been working on this theme for quite some time now, and after a lot of modification and tweaks, here it is. We’ve managed to make it SEO friendly as much as possible, along with keeping the looks and feel of a contemporary wordpress theme.


This is a free wordpress theme, so feel free to download it and use tweaking it according to your taste.

What is so special about the theme?

The simplicity and effectiveness.

The theme is designed keeping in mind the common blogger who is on the look out of a wordpress theme that he can implement once and the forget about. This is for those bloggers who don’t want to think too much and crash their brains about optimizing their site.

The categories

The categories are put right on the top of the theme. Now, this is something unusual. You either find the categories on the right hand side or on the top bar header navigation menu. The reason they are put on the top is that you have a good real estate for doing SEO here. Make your categories SEO friendly by using keywords in them and even otherwise your categories are picked up by the search engines by default. Therefore highlight is on the categories, so you may want to tweak them and make them really attractive.

The meta tags

There are no meta tags by default on the theme. Simply because, they have no SEO value at all. Instead I’m using the categories to appear at the description on the SERPs. Once you install the theme, the description text that appears for it on Google would be the categories.

Now, for those who have lot of categories, this may look as spam on the SERPs. For those bloggers I recommend the headspace plugin to be added to the theme and everything regarding the meta content will be sorted out.

It is a common mis-understanding that the meta tags gets you lot of SEO importance while the truth is that it does not (apart form the titles). It does serve the purpose of an Ad-copy that compels people to click on your site while it is appearing on the SERPs.

The Header

The header has a logo to the left and the recent comments and the recent posts listed on it. To the right, you’ll find the subscription options. The recent comments and posts plugin is used here keeping in mind that the header should contain as much content as possible to be absorbed by the spiders. I could’ve easily left it blank, but there was a good real estate for SEO, so I thought it might be wise to just use it.


The logo space can also be customized according to your taste, just replace the image logo.jpg in the template directory to get this done.



The Footer

The footer has three columns that are very much “tweakable”. The first column contains an about me section where you can add text about you or the site, while adding a photo or logo of yours. The second and third column can be customized to add links, external or internal depending on your taste. 



Essential Plugins

- The theme comes packed with the recent comments and recent posts plugin, please activate it from the the Dashboard> Plugins menu.
- For those who want custom titles and meta info, I recommend you use the HeadSpace2 plugin.
- Any other plugin can be easily added to the right hand sidebar. A demo of plugins working can be seen here.

About the author

The theme is designed by my partner designer Prasanth, who have coded the entire code himself, while I bugged him with the SEO metrics.Prasanth helps me with design on my SEO projects.

Demo ~ Download theme

If you’ve spotted any errors on the theme, please let me know on the comments. I’ll very much appreciate it.Hope you’ll enjoy the theme as much as we liked designing it.

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  1. fantastic theme mani.. prashanth has done a new work wit the features .. i especially like the the categories strewn right on top.. though to be honest i didn’t catch them initially..

    maneesh’s last blog post..The Battle of Hard Research and Plain Advice

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  2. Im having some problems viewing the images?? is this just me?

    Steven Finch’s last blog post..Compete Inc Is Acquired by TNS

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  3. Steven, thanks for the heads up, it was the WLW issue, sorted it out, now the images are in place, hope you like the theme. :)

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  5. Hi Mani,

    Thanks. I did not download and try it out my own. But visited the demo site and spend a few minutes playing around.

    Its good idea to give the category list on the header itself - provided the list won’t grow long. The low background-foreground contrast keep the categories unnoticeable.

    Sorry if I am being blunt, but other than the category on header, I don’t see any other SEO done in the template. I just checked the digitalfototips.com. Even the title of posts and pages are optimized. Even if the meta tags doesn’t count much in Google, its not a good idea to totally avoid meta keyword and description. It may not be worth spending a lot of time for tweaking it though. Its a better to sue the Blog Description somewhere in the blog - which could be keyword rich.

    A few observations regarding the design: the search textbox and the button look the same - making it difficult to distinguish between. The design lacks many HTML elements such as teh UL or OL tag for the elements in Header Category. The above is applicable in many places. It seems BR tag is used in the header for alignment - which again is not good. The theme does not update even give the actual RSS URL in the template - this is hand coded for now I guess.

    So I feel that, more tweaking needs to be done in SEO and design before this can be called a plug and play SEO theme.

    Sree Pillai’s last blog post..Tata Communications to Setup WiMAX Network

    [Reply to this comment]

  6. I meant, “Even the title of posts and pages are NOT optimized.” !!

    Sree Pillai’s last blog post..Tata Communications to Setup WiMAX Network

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  7. Good work.

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  8. Mani,
    can you tell me why my last blog post is not showing up here?

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  9. Sorry Niyaz. It’s only happening for oyu I guess.

    Mani Karthk’s last blog post..Blogger?s Stress - Does it affect you or are you a superman?

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  13. Nice theme, I’m trying the demo.

    Nirmal’s last blog post..How to Change the Default Color Scheme in Office 2007

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Hope you find it interesting Nirmal, we are working on the fixes already. ;)

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  14. THe approach is original. I can see it used for a wide range of blogs. Lot’s of ‘Marketing Space’ in both header, sidebar and the footer!!!

    Nice. Please doo keep us posted on the updates, especailly on the SEO side! :)

    Ivan | http://www.SeoConsultant.ie

    Ivan | SeoConsultant.ie’s last blog post..There is no such thing as Bad Web Traffic!

    [Reply to this comment]

    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Ivan we are working on the new version, it should be out by early next month. I can ensure a more SEO’d and error free theme then. :)

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  23. Please disregard my last comment .. I figured it out. I used the plugin that auto installs themes and the plugins included didn’t make it. Getting it worked out now..

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  24. Dawn let me know your URL please.

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  25. Hello there! Themes help attract viewers and able to understand easily the content, that is why it is also important to make good features of a theme. Well, i like your new theme, its simple yet nice looking. I hope you can make more.

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  26. good!!!!!!!!

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  27. Nice Theme, Waiting for another new theme

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  28. Excellent idea with the header I like that the cats are found first as they can then bring in other better traffic.

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  29. i think there is problem with templates files because it is not working.

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  30. I might try this in my blog but then I got scared of the line up in your post with regards to Google thinking that I’m keyword spamming because I have a bit of categories in my blog.

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  31. Is this skin available (the beautiful green one here on dailyseoblog.com?

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  33. I might give this one a try. Thank you

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  34. Neat theme!! Wanted to try it out but it says

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function src_simple_recent_comments() in \wp-content\themes\seogreen\header.php on line 38

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    You got to upload the plugins and activate them too. Moin.

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  35. This isn’t showing up on my WordPress Themes page. I have activated the plugins and theme like any other time but it won’t show up to be selected. What could I be doing wrong with this one?

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  36. This theme is really nice… I will definitely give this them a try on one of my blogs… Thanks man :)

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  37. I just downloaded the theme and tried it but I could not get it working. There is an error message that says :
    Recently Commented
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: src_simple_recent_comments() in /home4/lugaluda/public_html/animenia/wp-content/themes/seogreen/header.php on line 38

    Also, the name of the Theme in wordpress is SEO Gray but the folder name is SEO Green. Any idea?

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