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That’s the most frequently asked question to an SEO. A very simple question to which the answer may not be very simple. To be honest, this question triggers a chain of answers and theories in me, none of which would be of interest to you. let me try and put this as simple as I can.

Ranking number one on Google is not an easy task. Many SEOs fail to get a top rank (even a number one listing) because they just do the basics right and nothing beyond. SEO has grown beyond H1 tags and strong tags. The reality is that if you just get these basics right, the chances of getting a top rank is difficult, especially when you are targeting competitive keywords.

Essentially, to get a number one rank (or a page one listing) on Google, you have to be very strong in analyzing your competition. And when you are better than them, you rank better.

That’s the story in a nutshell. Analyzing your competition and fighting the way up is indeed not an easy task either. A bird’s eye view of the whole process looks something similar.

- Finding out who and which are the sites that are ranking top 10 for the targeted keyword.
- Finding out all the SEO metrics about them.
- Finding out their quality links.
- Finding out their onsite optimization strength.

Beating all those metrics in a very natural way is the key to success. Of course, it may vary as to how much time it takes and how high you get. Sometimes, Google even thinks that sudden increase in the SEO metrics is artificial so even if you’ve done everything white hat, it may take some time before Google let’s you rank high. But once they find that you are not black hat and everything is genuine, it’s just a matter of few days before you make it to the top.

Although, beating your competition is the right way to get a top rank on Google, you have to make sure that, you don’t end up doing the quick fixes and shady stuff or you are taking a big risk.

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  1. The hardest thing to do in SEO is research.

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  2. competition play a vital role in SEO which can be base to SEM

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  3. I would put it this way

    1. Well written content relevant for keywords for which you want number one position.

    2. Relevant links from related sites with proper anchor text.

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  4. @Mani,

    That is great advice. But that is like build a os better than windows and you will be the reachest person. :)

    I would have liked a more hands on advice.

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Binary, would you like to take a look at the other articles in the SEO category. You’ll find lot of interesting basic - how to articles.

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  5. For ist rank in any search engine i think few essential things are required like link building inbound and outbound + internal linking for your own website.

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  6. is a great tool to help you find what result # you fall in google for a set of given keywords.

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  7. is a great tool to help you find what result # you fall in google for a set of given keywords.

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  8. Mani,
    like your site, I agree with Ravi, building links is essential but only part of the game plan, search engines get smarter every day. I bring to the table the thought of constant information gathering. You need to keep yourself current with the trends and be flexible.

    Paul Leadbetter

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  9. Yes.

    Like anything worthwhile in life - it’s hard work!

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  10. Nice Blog post. I think you covered all the basic points as most webmasters tend to confuse the newbies. Thanks for the info.

    Philip Mansour

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  11. Excellent points… To achieve a number one page rank in Google requires persistent effort on your part… especially once you’ve claimed the top spot.

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