Blogging is an addiction it makes you start things in a jiffy…sometime ending nowhere..sometime taking you places. Though many believe that content is still the king (been there for quite some time), there are some things that decide your blogs “image” even without the content hmm well…with less content.

Many young bloggers while starting their blogs make this mistake of not placing the basics right. I’m very keen on this point - if these basic points are well in place, provided there is great content (coming up), you can be very sure that you are going to be a super hit.

Now the disagreement with the “Content is King” strategy is that young bloggers are put to shame. They are looked down upon simply because they have a young blog and the number of articles or content is less compared to the big guys. What a pity! Does that mean that young bloggers always remain young while the early birds get to enjoy the “big boy” status?

Well, not really. I am a big believer of the ideology that “new” things are better than old. Keeping the fundamentals in place, I cannot see why a new blog that has wicked content with lesser posts than an established blogger is not superior in any case. To me the new blogger is more promising and can even cut through the old bloggers readership base, provided he has the right tuning done.

So, when you first spot a young blog, what are the things that you look forward to judge whether it is going to be a future “super hit” or not?

  • Fresh new perspective
    A fresh new perspective is always refreshing to see. I bet we are tired seeing the same stuff again and again doing rounds on the internet, but we pause at once when we see a new perspective to the same old thing we’ve seen once. It is this element that helps me judge whether a new blog is going to be successful or not.
  • Unique design
    Everytime I see the usual blogspot template or the naked wordpress blog template, it yells at me “Get out!!”. Hence proved.
  • Unique ideas
    Give the age old blogging ideas a break. Try something new, like the cartoon mascot on People will get instantly hooked to it.
  • Impressive growth rate
    One look at the feedburner count and a second look at the blogs start date (on the archives) will tell you whether this guy is the future promise or not.
  • The awe factor
    Overall, when you see a new blog, it should instantly ring the bell, be it the design or the freshness of posts, one should feel “Damn! Why didn’t I think about this earlier?” and that’s when you’ll know that this is a superstar you’re looking at.

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  1. That was cool.
    Instead of the usual stuff I hear from other people when they handle this topic, I got to hear some new ideas from you.
    Thanks for that Mani.

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  2. I am one of those who disagree with the statement that content is king, at least in the literal interpretation that too many bloggers take. Most bloggers, including the big name bloggers, only write okay posts most of the time. Having unique interesting content is important, but unique and interesting are always subjective.
    What is only okay with no flair for one blog reader will be concise, practical, and important to other readers. In the end you have to write well, no matter what style you do it in. It is however arrogant bordering on hubris to think you will always come up with superstar posts, no matter what level of blogging you are at. Young bloggers just need to keep writing what they know and the content and quality will improve over time.

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  3. Brad,
    That is true too.

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