It’s quite possible that some of your pages may not appear on SERPs at all while others do. The reason is simply because out of all the pages on your site, Google considers some to be important and some of them not. So if they are not appearing on Google SERPs that means that you’ve to do something about these pages that they appear on the SERPs. But how to?

Why does only some pages appear on the SERPs?

  • They’d have been linked from other sites, mostly more than one site.
  • They’d be receiving more traffic than other pages, like from a social bookmark link like Digg or Stumbleupon.
  • They’d be well linked from the homepage of the site, giving them good importance and PR.
  • They’d be optimized well for a top searched keyword on Google.

Now, if there are pages that does not show up on Google search results or indexed pages, here’s a list of things that you’ve to check to fix it.

  • Check for incoming links from other pages on the site. If they aren’t there, link it!
  • Check for meta tags on the headers, you might have used a plugin with the wrong options or accidentally used the “no follow” tag.
  • Check if there are other pages on your site that has a similar title and content, it might be seen as duplicate content. Change the title/content and try linking it from other pages tha are well indexed.
  • Check if you’ve submitted the same content on the page to ezinearticles.com or any other site, if the search engines found the “other” pages first, they’d simply tag you as duplicate page.
  • Check if the page is properly indexed on Google webmasters (check for broken links etc).

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  2. I use http://www.rankangel.com to monitor and then improve my website rankings. It allows me to track how different pages within my site rank for given keywords - and it produces graphs that makes it easy to understand and spot trends. Try it.

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  3. My site has pages not in serps at all due to mistakenly joining a link scheme.
    I stopped doing it but it takes months for google to treat my site better again and rank my pages.

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  4. The above mention tweaks especially the inside linking of different posts works wonderfully.Just try it out.

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