Overheard this question at a discussion - “What happens when I link to many sites from my site? Does it affect my Page Rank? I have a looong blogroll, you know.”

Indeed a very authentic doubt. Fortunately there’s nothing to fret about.

Let me take an example now.

Let’s assume we have four sites. Site A - And Site 2, 3 and 4.

This is how the linking pattern is for all of them.

Site A (PR 6)
Site No. 2 (PR 5) [your site]
|| ||
|| ||
v v
S.3 S.4

Now, Site A has lot if incoming links from valuable sites that it manages to get a PR6. As per the above diagram, Site A links to Site 2, which gets a PR4.

Now, let’s assume that Site 2, links to lot of sites (including Site 3 and 4..upto Site 10).

The question is whether Site 2 will lose all it’s Page Rank linking to 10 different sites or not.

And the Answer is NO.

What happens is instead of Site No.2 losing it’s page rank, all the 10 different sites it linked to will get probably PR 1 (PR5/10)

Had it linked to just one site, (Say only S3) then it would’ve received a PR 4, because PR5 is not shared with ten other sites.

So in effect, when a site links to more number of sites, there’s nothing much happening to the original Page Rank of the site, but it will affect the sites it is linking to. If the PR5 site link to fewer sites, then they have a higher chance of getting a better PR, but at the same time, if PR5 site links to ten different sites, then obviously the PR5 has to be shared with all of them so, each website will get a lesser PR. Again, no effect to the initial Page Rank of 5 to the original site.

This is the reason why you should be careful while “selecting” links from other websites. If there are many other sites sharing links with you (like on a bloroll), the you are likely to get lesser PR, while if you source it from sites that links o lesser sites, you have a better chance to get a higher page rank.

So guys with long blog rolls - no problem , add more.

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  1. but when u have irrelevant links from your blog it impacts ur PR.Am i right?

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  2. Yah… what about links in the footer? I think i may have gotten a PR penalty for linking to my other sites from my footer.

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  3. mani,
    I asked this question some time back in DP forums when my site hit a PR 0 from 3(all in a year). The number of outbound links in my sites are more as i link to a lot of websites ,but never worked to get a link bank from others. I cant find a reason why my PR hit a zero!

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Adheeth, Did you increase the number of incoming links after you hit PR3 ? It’s probably got nothing to do with your outgoing links but incoming links. We may have to discuss the metrics in detail to find out what exactly is the reason though.

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  4. @LinkbuldingBible - Yes, the nature of links are also a factor to take into consideration. Google has nothing towards links placed in the footer or sidebar, but it’s just that often they “stick out” like paid links and does not in any way tell google what they are about, and mostly turn out to be irrelevant sites. This is not a good practice in Googles eyes as it only suggests them you are someone who links to unrelated sites and you cant be trusted.

    As long as the sites you are linking to are form similar domains, you are safe.

    I cant think of a reason why you should linked to unrelated sites if you are getting paid for it or you have any other interests.

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  5. @Intradaycalls - You are right. When you know that they are irrelevant, just keep them away. Or feel free to nofollow it.

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  7. Hi, i am a noobie on pagerank.

    was trying to find out how page rank works as well as how to achieve to get listed.

    do you know of any???


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  8. Early on with a PR4 car related site, I linked out to about 8 automotive resources from it, soon after it went down to a PR3. Yet I’ve also seen link.html pages with higher PR values than the homepage. Im sure results of external linking will mainly depend on the value and relation of the pages your linking to. Ive wondered what results you would get if you took a pr0 page and placed 20 links to related PR6+ websites and GOV websites on it.

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  10. PR is an anomaly to me. I just blog, and sometimes I’ll have a PR3, then the next month it will disappear. Got any answers to this?

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  11. So in effect, when a site links to more number of sites, there‚Äôs nothing much happening to the original Page Rank of the site, but it will affect the sites it is linking to….

    Thank you, Mani. This is what I have been wanting to know. Many people are concerned about whether external linking is going to dilute PR, that’s what I was made to believe.


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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    You got it absolutely right Yan.

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  14. Thnx Mani Sir , Crossed my fingers till next PR updates.

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Hope you’ll make it big this time.

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