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12 Free SEO tools to check complete site stats and not just page rank or SERP ranks


Gone are the days when SEO Tools was al about page rank checks and keword density checks. Today we have seo tools to analyze backlinks, wikipedia links, digg submissions, delicious bookmarks, neighborhood ip checks and all that external seo metrics.
Here’s a list of twelve such free tools that you can use to analyze the stats of your site.

  1. SEO Digger [ Keyword Research, Rank Checker ] – Checks your site for top keywords/keyword combination that your site is already ranking high for. Shows the corresponding position for those keywords on the search engines.
  2. Quark Base [ Complete site metrics ] – Gives all the information you would ever need on a website. Right from the hosted ip to page rank, wikipedia links and more. Compare with your competition to see where you lack.
  3. SEO Meter [ Google crawl rate checker ] – Checks for the frequency by which Google crawls your website.
  4. SiteYogi [ Site health check ] – Checks overall site stats on various engines and social media. Checks for all basic data like indexed pages on various search engines. Data is not accurate sometimes.
  5. Exact Factor [ Rank checks ] – Checks one or more domains for ranks and Google/Yahoo site index stats. Broken sometimes.
  6. Internal Pages PR checker [ Page Rank Checker ] – Checks all your internal pages for their Page Rank. Good to determine your internal link structure.
  7. Multiple keywords rank Check [ Site stats check ] – Check ranks for multiple keywords
  8. URL Metrix [ Site stats checker ] – Checks all the site stats like pages indexed on Google, backlinks and everything you coould think of on SEO basics.
  9. URL Trends [ SEO Site stats checker ] – Free SEO reports with details on social media inlinks, user demographics, keyword analysis, incoming links, traffic stats etc.
  10. Website Grader [ SEO Site stats checker ] – Checks and analyses all the site information right from inbound links to keyword stats.
  11. Site Rake [ Log files analyzer ] – Upload your site log files and this tool will help you analyse all your stats.
  12. Xinu Returns [ Site stats checker ] – Checks all your site stats including link backs, digg submissions, wikipedia links etc.
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Written by Mani Karthik

Blogger, Web / Social Media Enthusiast & SEO with Flip Media. I'm always on the learning curve. Love to meet new people, feel free to befriend me.

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34 Responses

  1. You missed another great tool – SpyFy ( ) – A tool used to spy your competitors :) .. one of my fav.!

    Has a separate UK Version as well!

    You can add this to the list!


  2. Mani Karthik

    Vinay, I don’t want to mention Spyfu cos it throws up errors more then results for me anytime. It’s a great tool otherwise.

  3. Great list – I’ll try some of these out.

  4. Just my luck. I just plurked asking good Seo tools :) .

  5. Thanks for the list Mani

  6. @ Vinay thanks for

    @ Mani thanks for this Great8 List.

  7. I also wanted one of my other fav. tool – SheerSEO / .

    Helps your track your SERP rankings in Google & Yahoo! Not the best.. but I like its simplicity and research tools. Good to understand when your serp goes down and what is the current position.

    Most important lets you know which url from your website ranks for certain keyword in SERP results.

    Go on.. explore.. will update more when I happen to remember them!

    - Vinay

  8. Go on.. explore.. will

  9. Great list.
    SEO Books Keyword tool, as well as the free keyword tool from Keyword discovery that gives the top 100 keywords (even though its not perfect) is helpful.

    Crazy Egg provides user mouse tracking via heatmap, which is helpful for usability.

  10. That’s some great tools you have listeed there for us. I have just loaded a few and not all yet.

  11. Hi,

    Very much informative postings.Such a great experience.My Wholehearted support to all initiatives.


  12. A powerful list of SEO tools and I realize that I have only used one (website grader) of all the tools mentioned above.


  13. ExactFactor is very nice tool, but I use also the website-grader

    Thanks Mani,

  14. Thanks for the great list, though there are many more free and available tools.

  15. Great SEO Tools list, Love it , Most of it never used before, thank

  16. I know some but here is many to use:)

  17. Hi,
    Nice blog. thanks for giving lot of information.

    please send me if you have any new tools for seo analysis.

  18. Thanks for the work you have done on this page as it contributes overall to ethical SEO optimization. 

  19. It could really make our job easier and faster. Hope it won’t get hacked with notorious spammers and schemers.

  20. This is a great list. I have yet to use SEO Digger so thanks for the reminder.

  21. Hi mani thankyou for SEO tools, i found another good analysis tool i.e

  22. Great list of tools. I tried a few out and they look awesome. Its amazing how much information is available at the click of a button. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Also check Its xinu modified with valid page rank checker and some features

  24. Chuck

    Be sure to take a look at this:

    It’s a great and totally free SEO Analysis Tool that gives a number of graphics and statistics.. it even allows for a side-by-side comparison to your competitors!

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