There’s something with themes with large headers that others don’t have. Well, large headers have the added advantage of making an impression on the visitors, despite your well written content. They make an impression with the bright images and also provides more real estate for SEO. More than anything else, you have an extra option of adding more copy there on the very top. Good - Is it not?

Here are 16 wordpress themes that have large headers for more space and action. Play them on!

1. Multi Header Theme

2. Colorise Theme

3. Nitrous theme

4. Brightness

5. Neoclassical Theme

6. Dreamplace

7. Green Fresh Art

8. Elegance Theme

9. Simple Green

10. Puzzled

11. Collaboration

12. Naturescharm

13. Ambience

14. Inbloom

15. Infinity

16. Skinpress

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  1. Nice collection, Mani. One of the very first theme I used was NeoClassical theme and I like it for its minimalism design and pretty clean use of typography.

    PS: Somehow the images are overflowing to the right of the content on my browser. You wanna check on it?

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  2. Nice collection.
    I had SkinPress on my blog for sometime. But for some reason, adsense clicks were low on that theme even after several customizations. Can you share a little secret? :) About the base theme you use here? :D

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  3. I noticed it just now. Numberings and images re a little messed up in this post. I am on chrome. Numberings are ok on Firefox.

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  4. I can attest to it that it breaks completely on my Mac Firefox. In fact, I can only see #1, #5 and #10..


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  5. Good list shared there Mani :)

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  6. @Yan and Srijith - Thanks for the heads up. t’was a CSS issue. now sorted :D

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  7. Yes its Perfect now!:)

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  8. themes are good but i think too flashy theme sucks visitor’s attention more than the content written on the blog.Hence,it’s better to have a plain and simple blog with quality posts

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  9. Whatay timing Mani!
    Gotta move to WP from Blogger granny.


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  10. Nice Post, Helpful for Wordpress Lovers.

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  11. Dreamplace and Simplegreen are very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Moved to Neoclassical.

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  13. Amazing themes. I say it as a wordpress theme developer myself =)

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