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Just to let you know that there are some minor yet noticeable changes in the DSB design right now.

Picture 8

Apart from this, there are some major design changes coming up soon, where there will be lot more cool things happening. This is a minor change, however.

I am in talks with a couple of Wordpress theme designers to finalize things. There are some promising entries, and exciting things ahead.

Why post this ?

I’m looking for feedback on the design from the readers. Simple.

To be honest I had a hard time trying to zero in on decisions, because every time I found a good thing, another one would replace it soon.
So I thought, since the colors and typography most affect the readers, why not ask them?

Please let me know your thoughts on the colors, design and the like. Also, please tell me what would you like to see on DSB?

There are suggestions on -

  1. Grid based homepage design
  2. More focus on content
  3. Use of more soothing to eye colors
  4. Use of more icons and images to help navigation easy

Of course, my eye will be to ensure a “content rich” feel to the website so that both new comers and loyal readers both benefit. After all, you are not here to discuss the new gadget review but to take home some practical SEO tips. So anything that will help better navigation, access to more content and ensures a “pleasant to the eye” feel is welcome.

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  1. I guess u should get a nice logo done!

  2. Agree With Ramanujam : Your Blog lacks a LOGO !

  3. oh yes, getting a logo, or better a mascot done like the cow, or TUK can help :)

    And I think the content is being push below the fold in this design…you might want to consider that.

    2. comment box can be bigger!

    3. the current color on the header does not help! ok, maybe thats just me!

  4. I’m loving this design simply because of I’m not too fond of green in general, then again it’s a matter of personal taste.

    There is one thing I do notice is that the content may sometimes overflow to the right sidebar.

    All in all, I welcome this refreshing change.


  5. @ Ram and Arpit - Point taken ! Can’t find one good reason why I should not use one.

    @Yan - Thanks mate, hope you’ll find the new design interesting.

    @Anand - Reg: content being pushed below the fold, I think there is the branding v/s content highlight issue here. Hhmm…!
    Comment box - yes, expect something very contemporary here, at the moment the comment box sucks I know.
    I’m sure there’ll be a few more suggestions on the color, so I’ll wait for more options.

  6. It looks good. But IMO, the green color was more ‘eye-catching’.

  7. Its good to see that you have changed the site design. It looks pretty good now. Your photograph background looks good comparing with the previous green one. What i would like to see in DSB in future: The information you share is good, but you can organise them in navigation format so that a new person to SEO can understand from basic. You can also send emails on regular occassion on your experience and real time works so that people get to see a lot about SEO in a practical manner. Its great that you share a lot of information in your website and you should be really a good human being to do so. Mani you Rock…!!!

  8. Hi Mani, I like your previous design which was in green colours.That green colour always looked fresh. let me add one more thing, sorry if i am wrong, the yellow design now looks dull. the date tag also looking not very fine comparing to previous one.
    This is my view. Waiting for your new wordpress design and surprises. all the best

  9. I prefer old design with green color. This design appears to be so bored.

  10. New design is good.

  11. looks good :)

  12. Thanks Saleel and Sam. Points taken. Boy, it’s wonderful to see you guys commenting on even those “overseeable” details. Thanks much.

  13. Nice One and And I feel good to see a fellow tamilan in a webpage. I hope You are a tamilan, aren’t you?

  14. @ essai, tamilian two here in case you are on a hunt for them!

    @ mani, branding vs. content highlight was a big issue in my blog re design thinking too….but then, i blog at a sub domain and hence content was given prominence. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us

  15. @ Binny I have same opinion, I like the Green.

  16. My suggestion would to relate every blog post of yours with a photo/picture that can relate the article you are talking about! The blog seriously needs some graphical input..content wise the site looks fab.

    Try coming up with graphical icons, logo for site and picture for posts (would attract people to read more).

    Just my thoughts.. !!

  17. I totally appreciate your situation. You’re aksing for feedback, but I received some unsolicited comments on my initial design which only confirmed what I already know was wrong. Redesigns can cause a lot of second guessing. Your current template looks professional and does a good job of marketing your content for the first-time visitor. I agree that graphics make a big difference. I’ve found great ones at Flickr that complement my posts recently. I suggest a smaller (or no) twitter icon — maybe put in in the header. Why not have all social bookmarking icons (AddAny..) at end of posts? Maybe less space devoted to some of sidebar items (recent readers, categories instead of random posts? ) or move to footer to dress it up a bit. Hope this adds to your dilemma — all the better to reach the perfect design, at least for now!

  18. To me the old color combination was better, though your photo blends in well in current color combination. May be I am too green! :P

  19. I go with Srijith! Green mean to be more organic than Yellow…. most of tips we learn here are to optimize organic search result if I am right?

    And photo doesn’t blend with color.. its just that the color has overtaken the photo! Ha Ha!

  20. The new theme is great, I love it!

  21. I like the color combination. However, the comments section, the post, etc are not properly done. Could have improved.