Were they always meant to annoy you? Sometime the yellow error sign, or sometimes the page not found black and white message..so boring, if only you could do something about it.

I found this cool wordpress plugin last day, it actually does a lot more than replacing your 404 error page with a custom fancy message. In fact, you won’t even know that you’re on a 404 page.

This is what you get while a visitor lands on a 404 page.

- Gets a page with loads of information based on the “query”
- Gets google search results
- Video results
- Google Image results and
- Related posts

That would leave anyone with something to take back home isn’t it?

The plugin is very easy to install, but would require an AJAX Google API Key.

Plugin details here

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  1. Thats a good one.. :) I have a good 404 page from Options theme which lists arhives and posts. But getting results based upon user query is a better choice.I’m installing it soon.. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Man, Mani

    Thanks took 5 mins to activate superb as am hoping for a traffic boost today because of a new competition in the afternoon!

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  3. The installation is pretty easy is it not? All the best Styletime.

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  4. I tried activating this some time back but it gave me errors…will try it again…or else i need to come up with my own…

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  5. i wanted to create a custom error page and was pleasantly surprised to find your blog..!thanks

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  6. Love the 404 page you have on this site though:
    “Error 404 - Not Found”
    You might want to use your own tips. :)

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