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Link building is a tough task I’ve to admit. No, it’s not difficult to do, but doing it the “right way” demands more time and energy or else, you end up being a nobody at it.

Personally, I go for natural link building developing content that’s “linkable”. Use it in combination with the social media and things can get very interesting ! Now, the problem arises when not all of your content is really potential link bait stuff.

I mean, how successful can one be trying to link bait for “101 Home Loan Services” ? Lyndoman may have an idea here, but I’m of the opinion that you better don’t do it rather find other channels where you can develop potentially viral content, that closely resembles the original idea/product and find a bridge between the two.

Drifting away from the topic, I wanted to talk about blog commenting - a very popular tool used these days to gather links. (And I think it’s more popular these days for it’s quick turn around time compared to other methods.)

How do you do blog commenting?

- By finding out blogs that allow “do follow” comment links related to your content, and actively commenting on them to source links.

If not for the time required to deliver real comments, this could’ve been the next best weapon for spammers (it already is).

How to find blogs that pass link juice?

Find out from Google using search queries, blogs that have the “Top Commentators” plugin installed.
Ex:- Google for “allintitle:top commentators” and you could find them. (the query may be blocked by Google if too many people are searching, so try alternate ones.)

2. Find out using Google, blogs that use the “Comment luv” plugin.
There may be both “nofollow” and “dofollow” comments here, you may have to sieve them out.

3. Find out resource lists on the web like this one.

Believe me, there are lot of blogs out there that offer dofollow comments and links, it’s only a matter of finding them. But once you have them make sure you only use the best ones, that are -

- High PR (Preferable 4 and above)
- Related to your domain and content
- Not penalized by Google
- Not in bad neighborhood

And, don’t get carried away with all the links you are gathering, make sure you don’t do it the “bad way” and stick to these guidelines while commenting.

To some wholesome, quality backlinks !!

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  1. commenting on blogs is more about traffic from refferals than PR alone. I was just wondering why people still talk about PR. It does not influence traffic, serps or anything else in my experience….as I have been banned for PR too, but it did not have much probs with my serps so far…

    But comments bring in new refferals from the blogs you comment in…it is really good to get some 10-20 visitors a day for a single comment! ;) I am in the process of creating a list of blogs that send you good traffic per comment…stay tuned for that!!!

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  2. I don’t know if all of those “dofollow” comment enabled blogs are really high traffic. But ‘traffic’ has different meanings to different people.
    When I say traffic, I mean hundreds of hits. I’m unsure if the time and energy spent on commenting is really worth working for traffic.

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  3. not really, in my words traffic is more like targeted RSS converting traffic :) even if a comment manages to bring in some 100 visitors in the first 3 days, I can surely say at least 3 rss readers will be added up…and it helps conversing in the blogosphere. Interestingly I just got a mail from a person who wants to buy advertising on my site who was reffered from a popular blogs first comment :)

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  4. i did just that last night, and found a couple of PR3 to PR6 blogs that gives backlinks when you comment…

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  5. thanks brother. It was a very nice post and helped me a lot in learning about link building

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  6. I’ve always enjoyed the comments as a form of discussion. Sometimes it results in traffic or subscriptions but most of the time it results in learning a bit more about the topic you are writing on. For example, I found this page through a direct search on the topic with the direct intent to write a comment with a backlink. What I didn’t plan on was intelligible, interesting content and some useful tips (ie searching for specific plugins to find comment-kind blogs.) Good tips and interesting points by the previous commentors.

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  7. If you engage yourself with your niche with good discussion and get links out of that benifit,chances are they are good!

    But most of high profile blog that do or don’t give do-follow have a strict comment policy which most commenters fail to notice and only land up having their comment deleted or their IP banned!


    Name: Cheap SEO Services

    Only makes the dicussion look cheap and out of reputation. I always tend to move away from those dirty spammers!

    Secondly, the myth of anchor links will slowly change.. as you can see more and more newbies try to stuff the anchor links everywhere they comment!

    A simple and easier way to attract links/referrals is to place your real name & e-mail (possibly and link to your site. The call to action (checking your website) is relatively high than that of branding names with URL.

    Again, I might not be perfectly right.. but I consider this ethical and myself have went across numerous sites and subscribed!

    Again… remove the Search Bot out of your heads and think how a user might find about clicking your name!

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  8. well summed up by vijay and seo commenting….I would rather comment on the bigger blogs with nofollow as it attracts more traffic and targeted converting ones too.

    For the niche mini sites, I think mani’s idea will help boost rankings with the dofollow.

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  9. You are right anand! And FYI.. I’m Vinay as opossed to Vijay in your comment! LoL!

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  10. Thanks for this tip. That will be really useful.

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  12. thanks! it’s very informative.

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  16. Keep up the great work ;)

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  17. Thanks.

    Very interesting post!

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  18. Make sure your comments are relevant - posts such as “nice post” are often rejected by the site owner.

    Good luck!

    Frank Polenose.

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  19. thanks you.

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  20. Hi guys!

    I’m new to this aand it seems a little bit hard to get a good pagerank, once i went from 0 to 2 in 2 weeks os so, then i stopped writing in my blog for a few months and now the pagerank is 0 again… thank you for sharing he info with us,
    Have a Great Week!

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