You would’ve seen those cool “flash boxes” on certain sites that slides away featured articles and images with custom text on it right ? I think they are pretty good to show off your content to the five second visitor who may not otherwise notice it. It’s in fact a good way to increase page views all the while giving your blog that cool modern look.

If you’re wondering how to add that flash box that slides away articles and images in style, here is a cool new tool that will help do just that.

This plugin helps you to

- Place a custom Javascript enabled slideshow box anywhere on your blog (by adding a php code)
- Customize the length and width of the box.
- Add upto 10 number of articles to be featured on the slideshow that will slide away.
- Customize the screen time for which each article will be shown.
- Customize the colors of the text/box.

The installation and configuration is pretty simple, all you need to do is add the php code (single line) to the theme where you want the slideshow to appear. Just make sure you set the dimension settings right while you place it in the theme.

Well, the bad side is that it requires Javascript to run and needs Scriptaculous installed in your theme. Not all themes supports it. But if you have it you are good to go right away.

Download the plugin here.

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  1. This slide shows are really giving a good look for blogs.

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  2. Downloading the plugin, but also wondering if this will be a new feature of 2.7…any idea?

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    I don’t think so Dennis. Would be nice to have it though.

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  3. That’s why I downloaded it, just in case. Thanks :)

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  4. Nice plugin.But I think it will consume enough amount of resources.

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