Tracking the popular clicks on your articles is no easy job. Advanced analytics programs like Crazyegg allows you to do it, but it’s a paid service. For monitoring your links and clicks, there are very few free programs available as of now. I know that MyBlogLog allows us to track the most popular outgoing links from the entire site if you use the JavaScript code, but it isn’t flexible at all.

Here is a new wordpress plugin that promises to let us track the link and clicks on them on each post individually. It tracks the number of clicks on each link giving us clear idea on how the user behavior is.

It’s easy to use and is simple as a plug and play plugin. Try it out if you’d like to study and track the number of clicks on your links.

Plugin available here.

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  1. Excellent find. This is that the only something that I could use. I am always looking for new plugins that can be tried out. That is two in one week for you man

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  2. Hey, Do we need this plugin.?
    The Feedburner tracking and analysis shows the list of all clicks made on the blog. I use that, its pretty good.


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  3. Nice none! I will definitely add this to my first WordPress Blog experiment!

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