Traffic Travis is amazingly a free search engine optimization software, that will take care of all the basic seo checks and analysis. It does all the usual drills like site rank checks, page analysis, keyword research etc. There is nothing exclusive to Traffic Travis in the free edition, mostly all the stuff can be done with the free seo tools set available online on many websites. But the good point is that Traffic Travis has a nice clean interface where all the basic checks are packaged into one. It’s easy for one to navigate and get  the results in real time.


Here are the features.

Keyword Tools – Keyword finder and Keyword Sorter

Search Engine Tools – Rank checks, Top sites discovery for a particular keyword, backlinks checker, Project report

PPC Analysis – Keywords details, Top sites for keywords, Most popular keywords, Websites keywords list.

Page Analysis – Analysis the basic SEO checks like meta tags.


That’s pretty much it. Traffic Travis cannot boast of advanced (or even moderately advanced) SEO analysis, but it is a nice little package where all the basic things are arranged in a well organized and easy to use manner.

For a beginner, who doesn’t want to dig too much into search queries and algorithms, this one’s a good companion.

You’ll love the icons and mascot !

Download Traffic Travis here.

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  1. Thank you very much for this, Mani. It is definitely worth taking a good look at. The argument for expensive paid-for SEO software is just becoming weaker and weaker, isn’t it?

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  2. Thanks for the new tool,

    but what happened to your blog for the last 2 days i was trying
    open it and i was not able to access it.

    it everything okie with the blog

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Hi Prasad, glad you asked. I had some hosting issues and it’s over now. :)

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  5. Mani - thanks for the write-up. Traffic Travis seems to be a good software, at least for the beginners.

    Just noticed on your sidebar that you are using N2H’s translate plugin. I’ve used that before but ran into slow page loads as it has to download all those different flag images. Have you ever thought of using Google Translate Gadget instead?

    I’ve written a detailed article on how to use Google Translate Gadget to translate your blog to many different languages. You might want to take a look at this alternative.

    If you think that N2H is having an advantage over Google Translate Gadget please let us know.

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