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Ultimate list of Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites


Back to some old school stuff today. Social Bookmarking is a nice way to get some “additional” Google juice (and traffic), particularly when you have a lot of backlinks and need that little bit of extra numbers.

Dofollow-Socialbookmarking Here are 60 social bookmarking sites that have dofollow links and do pass some Google juice one way or the other to the listed sites. Let me warn you that these are not effective if your link building campaigns ends with only these, but they are nevertheless worth a try.

Mind you, although these “might” work with extremely low competing keywords, they don’t stand a chance to substitute a proper healthy link building strategy/campaign.

  1. Slashdot
  2. Connectedy
  3. Connotea
  4. Current
  5. Mixx
  6. MyBlogLog
  7. Mister Wong
  8. NowPublic
  9. BlinkList
  10. Newsvine
  11. Ma.gnolia
  12. Backflip BibSonomy
  13. Kirtsy
  14. Searchles
  15. coRank
  16. LinkaGoGo
  17. Clip Clip
  18. Associated Content
  19. Furl
  20. Yahoo My Web
  21. Spurl
  22. Rawsugar
  23. BumpZee
  24. My Link Vault
  25. Shoutwire
  26. Faves
  27. Spotback
  28. BuddyMarks
  29. Propeller
  30. Blogging Zoom
  31. Oyax
  32. 9rules
  33. Blogoria
  34. MemeStreams
  35. Edopter
  36. BlogMarks
  37. TeDigo
  38. MyPIP
  40. Contentpop
  41. Pixelmo
  42. Memfrag
  43. Getigadget
  44. Jumptags
  45. Plugim
  46. Syncone
  47. Postonfire
  48. Business-planet
  49. Hatedorloved
  51. Yattle
  52. Kapely
  53. Givealink
  54. Totagit
  55. Socialblink
  56. Wigleytagz
  57. Buzztagz
  58. Youtagz
  59. Space-ed
  60. Jumptags
  61. Tagza (new)

Have fun trying them out. I don’t guarantee that all of them work, but some of them are really good while some give only temporary links. I suggest you take some time out and try out each one, trust me you’ll find some gems in there.

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Written by Mani Karthik

Blogger, Web / Social Media Enthusiast & SEO with Flip Media. I'm always on the learning curve. Love to meet new people, feel free to befriend me.

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  1. Wow, some really new sites that I weren’t aware of! Given the dofollow tag, worth giving a try.

    • True. Never heard of most of them before. It is worth a try and see how results go traffic-wise.
      Thanks Mani for the list. Very much appreciated.

  2. They do work pretty well, if you use them properly. The idea is to use them constructively and not spam each one, for most people it becomes a lot of work to manage a lot of accounts.

  3. Famtastic list Mani, thanks. Some ones I haven’t even thought of trying yet.

    Would be really great if the ones featured in popular buttons like AddThis were highlighted though as a priority point.

  4. OK, I do have a question: what are “temporary” links?

    • Mani Karthik

      Mig, some of them keep the links on the homepage/categories for only a certain period of time, and pushes it down as more links are posted. So, temporary links :D Technically it sounds inaccurate but hope you got the point.

      • Right. :) They are however not temporary if they are not deleted, are they? I was kinda thinking that temporary are those link ads rented for just a month or two. I wouldn’t call those “pushed down” temporary. We certainly need to come up with some definitions :)

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  10. Good Grief! I will definitely reference these, haven’t heard of half of them! Dofollow links are dofollow links, and some new ones from different sources can’t hurt Google’s opinion of your page.

  11. most of them are not working.i believe commenting on dofollow blogs is a better option.

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    I totally agree, Social bookmarking sites are major role in link papularity.
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