Filed Under (News) by Mani Karthik on 13-02-2009

This is one more example that goes out to show that Google is neutral and will take action against anyone who would indulge in “link purchases” and such artificial link building methods.

This time, Google Japan allegedly bought some links from bloggerss for its new feature, and really “paid the price for it”. Google Japans PageRank went from 9 to 5, as a result of “penalization”.

In Japan, Yahoo is popular than Google, and I guess this has triggered Google from trying all the desperate measures to gain some movement. But this time, they took the wrong route.

google-japan Google Japan should remain at Page Rank 5  for some time, says Matt.

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  1. No one is spared, even Google! (or even if God did malpracticing buying links for his blog!)

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  2. Hahahahahahahah! This is very funny, especially considering that Yahoo! are outperforming them in the Japanese market!

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  3. hahaha talk about the hunter becoming the hunted! I think it very clearly shows what we should be doing with regards paid links!!

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