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If you are on Google News, you would’ve had comparatively more things to worry about your site design and getting content quick and fast as possible with Google. As is every webmasters dream, everyone wants to get the first index advantage with Google, and when you’re on Google News, it’s not just a preference but a “survival stunt”.

And folks at Google are generous enough (well, some times) to share with us today eight things that will help us get a better indexing by the Google News bots.


1. Keep the article body clean

2. Make sure article URLs are permanent and unique

3. Take advantage of stock tickers in Sitemaps

4. Check your encoding

5. Make your article publication dates explicit

6. Keep original content separate from press releases

7. Format your images properly

8. Article Titles in Google News

Hmm… did I hear you say – “Aw.. I knew it all, come on Goog be specific and give us something new to think about. Not the same old BS. ” ?

No ? Neva mind. :(

Read the complete article here.

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  1. I have tried submitting our news feed (which is unique) to Google News unsuccessfully - what do you have to do to get it accepted for submission?

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