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Good news for all you folks who wanted hands on training on some wicked Search Engine Optimization !


Bruce Clay, an industry recognized expert on SEO, will offer a one-day SEO Training Course in conjunction with SES New York. This course is targeting Marketing and Technical staff alike and offers strategy and tactics necessary in today’s fast changing search world. The course which covers SEO methodology, concepts and strategies, will provide the process needed to achieve significant traffic.

Focusing on white-hat search engine-compliant SEO methods, the course covers techniques allowing you to change your sites while staying away from the techniques that will get you in trouble. Others that have completed the extended course have raved about it, and this training will be no exception.

The Bruce Clay SEO Training offers a specific and clear view of the techniques required to beat your competition in the war for search results supremacy for your properly selected and targeted keywords.

The training covers some very essential phases of SEO and is going to be a good one, especially since its from one of the best group in the industry. Its conducted in relation with Search Engine Strategies 2009, so be sure to check it out. More details on the event here.

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  1. Nice! Thanks for the info…

    It’s always good to learn from top-flight industry experts…

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  3. The only thing that sucks about living in Africa is the fact that one can’t really just nip over to attend seminars, trade shows, training courses and the like. To the attendees who will be there, enjoy it guys, and may you learn loads of new tricks!

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  4. Does anyone know if there are any courses like this in the UK?

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