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I do mean it.

And by backlinks I’m not talking any PR 1, PR 2 link, but a pretty good Pagerank 4, link with decent authority.

Okay let me not focus too much on the PR thing, but the idea is that with Twitter you can still manage to get quality traffic and link juice (which we believed didn’t happen) if you have the quality.

Before going into the steps on how to get it, let me remind you that this is no “trick”, but something I noticed today, and its genuine, so thought I’d share it with you.

Be it Twitter or your blog, without great quality content you are going to try and weed off, so everything starts from designing great content. With “great” content, I mean content that’s likely to get popular with the crowd, content that people will enjoy sharing and content that will give them some value to take home with.

Assuming you have great content, this is how you can manage to get some good backlinks with Twitter.

1. Get your friends to re-tweet your tweet. (Which could be your blog post.)

2. As more and more Tweeple keeps re-tweeting the story, it gets popular yea ?

3. And then, assuming a lot of people re-tweeted it and the trend keeps improving, you are going to get featured here, automatically.

The tool, tracks and lists down popular re-tweets made by Twitter users and lists down the original URL of the story/article and links it to the site. And that’s a link that passes google juice (as of writing this post, it is.)

For Example, I has this tweet – which was re-tweeted by many, my followers and theirs alike.

tweet The story then got featured here -

twitter-seo And that link was a dofollow one. So it does pass Google juice as the page its featured on is PR4.

Now, this is just an observation. I’m not going to tell you go re-tweet crazy on Twitter. Twitter is a great tool where despite your attempts not all the stories can be “pushed” unlike on Digg/Reddit. But if you genuinely give value through your tweets, there is a chance that you can get some link juice as well as traffic (that’s the best part in Twitter).

Some downfalls to this method, if you use it as a “link building method”.

- First off, this is not a link building methods, at least not reliable.
- There is no guarantee on how much time the link will remain.
- The number of re-tweets is not under your control. If the story is good enough for retweets, then I’d assume its worthy enough for link elsewhere too.

So why Twitter ?

At least, if you can’t get the backlink – there’s a whole lot of traffic you’ll get through the re-tweets. And I prefer traffic to backlinks. :)

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  1. it can’t get u a backlink most of the times .. nor can it get u traffic unless u r guy or darren !

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  2. Great idea, hadn’t thought of it like that before.

    The one thing I would ask though is how do you ensure that your followers do retweet?

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  3. Thanks Mani. Good and fresh idea. What I like in you is the way of sharing your knowledge through your experimentations to other persons.

    Just one doubt !
    If some users do this in a hap hazard manner wouldn’t be considered as spam. Does Twiter has any anti spam protection to stop such activities..


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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    It would defenitely be spam. But if its spam, it wouldn’t be retweeted in the first place. Remember its Twitter :)

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  4. Yeah…I definitely agree that it is a nice idea, but I’m not sure how much sustained traffic or links it will get you unless you’re already super popular.

    Good idea though, as I’m always looking for new ways to promote my blog.

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  5. This is the difference of point of view of GURUs.Everyone know the soul of the post, but no one explored this possibility.Thanks for this useful tip

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