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9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki


I respect and love this guy for his sheer intellect and skills. He does things in style and every word he utters make sense. He might be controversial in his (some) remarks, but he’s a marketer who does things, the way they should be. And he has the number to show off always, so who cares how he does it ?


On Twitter he’s the super hero. He does things that others won’t do, or may be would do but won’t accept doing, and it all shows up in his follower number and quality of tweets. Awesome content, and envious number of followers.

If you didn’t know and have been living in a cave until now, Mr.Kawasaki is the founder of Alltop.com.

So what does it make him the superstar on Twitter ? Agreed that he’s a celebrity but is there anything we can learn from him, to help us tweet better ?

1. Follow everyone back

My. Guy follows everyone back for two reasons: first, common courtesy; second, so that anyone can send him DM’s. He thinks DM’s are more efficient than emails.

2. Tweet about every topic that will interest anyone

Guy tweets about everything under the sun. While most of it is to promote his venture, alltop.com, I think its a nice way to keep followers engaged, as they may be of different interests.

3. Repeat your tweets for maximum visibility

Guy repeats his tweets quite often. But he doesn’t do it because he ran out of content. He does it so that those who missed his tweets earlier can catch up. This is relevant as your followers are on different time zones.

4. Reply to all “@ queries”

While Guy agrees that some people asks him questions, just to exploit his popularity (through his replies), Guy has an answer for all. He uses another account @guysreplies to reply to the queries sent his way.


5. Tweet regularly, keep a schedule

Guy doesn’t tweet through out the day. He’s probably tweeting whenever he’s online, and so there’s a predictable cycle of time when his tweets will appear. Just shows that he’s no random tweeter, and is at it at his best time.

6. Distribute your tweets evenly over a day

Guy has a tweeting frequency of almost 36 tweets a day, and he distributes them evenly over a period of time. A clever tactics to keep your followers engaged and not bore them with too many tweets.

7. Tweet with more than one twitter application

Guy uses a couple of applications for tweeting. Prominent ones being Tweetdeck and Twhirl. He also tweets from his phone using Tweetie. Just goes out to say that he’s consistent at it.

8. Use Ghost tweeters to amplify the quality and quantity of your tweets

Not all of us can copy this but Guy uses ghost writers to tweet. They tweet through out the day, quality tweets, which they also mark by their initials to the end of the tweet.
Here are Guy’s four ghost tweeters – Annie Colbert, Gina Ruiz, Noelle Chun, and Neenz Faleafine

9. Before you click the send button ask yourself if people will enjoy the tweet

Mr. Guy’s tweets are always top quality, no doubt on that. He could tweet anything and everything but no, he’s selective and that tells he’s not just after the numbers.

Guy Kawasaki’s tweet statistics.


My. Guy Kawasaki probably cannot be imitated or copied, but that’s not even my point here. He’s one guy who sure knows how to do things the popular way, and amazingly he keeps it simple. I appreciate that very much. I wouldn’t even know if the above points can be absorbed in to our Twitter lives, however there sure are things we could study from him. Hope the pointers above helped.

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Written by Mani Karthik

Blogger, Web / Social Media Enthusiast & SEO with Flip Media. I'm always on the learning curve. Love to meet new people, feel free to befriend me.

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39 Responses

  1. Thanks for the information above, i was looking forward for some tips regarding the twitter as I’m finding it a bit difficult to use. I would be glad if you can provide with the info about how much help can twitter provide regarding SEO.

  2. Hi,
    Twitter is good. But how to earn real money from it?

  3. I like using twitter and through your post I learn a lot. Thanks!

  4. I just got finished reading your posting “9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki.” I’m new to the Twitterverse so I’d like to understand, what is the significance of tweeting with more than one twitter application?

  5. These are some good tips. But I don’t understand #7. What is the benefit of using more than one twitter application for your tweets?

  6. Hi,
    I have been using twitter from the past 6 months… you may find me at http://twitter.com/Avelina_Marshal ….. Can’t understand that is it helping me in promoting my work or not?

  7. Good points, and however much Guy is right about #7 – i just cant do it. Prefer the web way over third-party apps (performance, reliability) and its given me a reasonable amount of success.

    Otherwise spot on, good post!

  8. The idea of tweeting with multiple apps is so that you’re not limited to only doing it when you’re at the PC. Post-tweeting bots, iPhone tweets, desktop tweets and so on. That’s what I reckon, anyway.

    And you missed #10, if you really want to tweet like Guy: pay three or four people to do it for you. That way you don’t have to find interesting stuff at all – they do it – and you can concentrate on your business.

  9. This is a pretty funny list. Several key “tips” are missing. Tip #1: Speak at a lot of conferences and write a ton of published articles. Tip #2: Establish yourself as an expert in your field (see Tip #1). Tip #3: Have an establish reputation, fame, and a strong brand which will get you a significant number of followers (see Tips #1 and #2).

    The tips here are fine but they really miss the point of building a reputation on Twitter. The big one that is seriously missing is providing interesting content. Sure sharing good finds (ie links) is okay but so is providing your own insight and thoughts on what you share. Guy doesn’t do this (or rarely does this.) People just assume because of his fame that whatever he shares is interesting and worth looking at. That can’t be assumed if you are a nobody and you start just sharing random links, no one cares you are sharing it if you have no reputation.

    I’d disagree with tip #2 above for most people. A better idea for us “nobody” types is to build a reputation on Twitter around a particular subject area of expertise or passion. Build your reputation around your passion and forget the I have thousands of followers nonsense. Instead focus on getting and following people that share your interest and builds your online reputation in a meaningful way.

  10. This is a great post, very informative. I am a fan of Guy and visit Alltop frequently. I would have never thought of creating another account just for replies, smart.

  11. Great information on using Social Media more effectively. The emphasis on tweeting regularly is especially valuable. Miles Technologies provides Online Marketing services to help businesses that want to capitalize on social media but don’t have the time to make regular Twitter updates.

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  13. Guy Kawasaki, my idol! :D It’s nice to get to know the insider secrets on Guy’s Twitter styles. :D

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    See I m using twitter from last 3 months . . . but didn’t get it very much … I received lots of friend request . . . But the person on the other side is just try to promote his/her work . . .Is there any way to get the really one . . . ???

  15. Well… this blog was really nice and informative and after reading it i have realized its not about twitter or any other web page like this….its about the strategy we make to move forward or to improve….in all his strategies the most impressing and eye catching point is the Tip number 4
    ” Reply to all “@ queries”
    this is some thing i really didn’t know before….and a smart person would always go for this option.

  16. Excellent ideas and tips. Twitter has become so hot and huge. The more time you invest, the better it will be.

  17. I haven’t really tried Retweeting, but I heard it really does help a lot with bringing you more followers.


  18. Hi,
    Twitter is good. But how to earn real money from it?

  19. This blog is great…

    I’m just beggining my blogging expierience so if anyone else has any great tips then please email me – adnan140@ymail.com or twitter me twitter.com/adnan_chowdhury.



  20. Thanks for sharing your observations. Guy kindly featured one our posts once and tweeted about it. The traffic boost was incredible. He’s a giving guy.

  21. When you are a master on facebook, you must do it like one. I admit i saw Guy K. acting and he is very professional. good in the business!

  22. Nice post , Mani. I have also personally admired Guy on Twitter. I got a chance to meet Guy Kawasaki @ tweetup in Bangalore. http://twitpic.com/10ahkp .. Which also inspired me to organise a tweetup with Shashi Tharoor too.

    I personally tweet from multiple applications primarly to utilize the different useful features of various tools. Other than that, is there any significance of tweeting with more than one twitter application?

    Few things I dont like much with Guy,
    1) He tweets links only of alltop.com. which means, no RT for fellow tweeple.
    2) He uses ghost writers.

  23. Hello,

    I just got finished reading your posting “9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki.” I’m new to the Twitterverse so I’d like to understand, what is the significance of tweeting with more than one twitter application?

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