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5 Cool SEO iPhone Apps for checking SEO stats and reports

Being an iPhone apps addict is both good and bad. You get to do things that other’s don’t, and sometimes in style and panache. Being an SEO who’s addicted to checking stats and analyzing SEO data sounds like a perfect match, as these iPhone SEO apps lets you do just that – check and analyze your search engine optimization stats right from your iPhone!

1. Domainer


Domainer is a simple and easy to use iPhone app for SEO. Does the basic checks and PageRank checks through its simple interface.

More details here



2.  Poke SEO


An iPhone SEO app that lets you do a bit more advanced SEO stuff like Page Rank checks, Backlinks checks etc. Has a beautiful interface and Email support.



3. iPhone Search Ranking App


The app allows you to keep track of unlimited website domains and keywords. Itis very easy to use, just add your website url, then add the keywords you are targeting for that certain url and the app does the rest for you. Every time you access the app and click on your domain the app gives you an up-to-date ranking of your keywords within Google.



4. iPhone Analytics SEO App


The closest you can get to Google Analytics on an iPhone. Lets you track all your basis stats on Google Analytics, traffic reports on multiple domains etc.



5. proSEO Onsite SEO checker App


This is an amazing app that lets you analyze SEO data from the source code of websites. It checks for phrases used mostly, their keyword density on the page, meta tags, calculates the optimization percentage and all that. Impressive stuff.


Hope you liked the collection.

2 Comments on “5 Cool SEO iPhone Apps for checking SEO stats and reports”

  1. RJ Says:

    I use and love #3. But, for the SEO-loving iPhone user on a budget (or too broke from paying for the dataplan) I have http://www.serpchecker.com, which has a special iPhone interface when accessed from the iPhone. (You can go to it from your desktop browser too) It allows you to check your website rankings for multiple keywords, in the top 1000 on Google. It also allows you to search for the keywords in your META keywords, so you don’t have to enter in any keywords.

    Feel free to delete this Mani, and i don’t wanna spam up your blog, but I figured it was relevant.


  2. enclaveinc Says:

    I have tested a number of different apps and they all do different things.

    Make sure you read the descriptions and visit their sites. The descriptions in the app store will not tell you everything. The lastest App i am testing is SEO IT. The email interface in Pokeseo is really handy


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