About me

Who am I ? What do I do?

I am Mani Karthik - an “Internet Enthusiast” as I”d love to be called. I’m an SEO, I help people optimize their websites to get high ranks on Google/Yahoo/MSN..I help them drive traffic and help them improve their online business.

Occasionally, I also create websites myself (it’s fun is it not?), rank them on Google, sell them… that kinda stuff….but I’m a blogger first and a humble lover of the internet first before anything else. Hence the “internet Enthusiast” tag.

Looking for some background info on me? Try googling for me and you’ll find enough information there.

DailySEOblog is my window to the online community. You can find practical, jargon free SEO tips here that you can take back home and implement on your site. Most of the articles featured here are outcome of my experiences with the SEO learning process. Through DailySEOblog, I”d like to take the practical SEO knowledge to common bloggers and webmasters, who have a keen sense to listen and learn.

As a matter of fact, SEO is an ongoing stream of study and you never reach a “saturation point”, because things keep happening and evolving by itself, and I love staying on the edge with it. You’ll see me updating the blog with all of that, so if you’d like to keep you updated, subscribing to the feeds (I too don’t like too many feeds..but..) may be a good idea.

Whom have I worked with ?

Sometimes, people hire me for web development and SEO projects. And I’m glad to accept the offers that I feel involved in. Some of the cool people who’ve hired me for help with their online marketing efforts are TangoMag (a women’s community project), GreatWraps (an American sandwich franchise food chain), Sramana Mitra ( An entrepreneur and strategy consultant in Silicon Valley ) etc.


A sandwich franchise chain in Atlanta, USA.


An online magazine for women dealing with relationships, lifestyle, glamour and gossip.


A UK based stock photography agency dealing with millions of images. They are the world’s largest online stock photo agency.


Wright on the Edge

A smart and provocative radio show “Wright on the Edge” hosted by three real-life sisters, the Wright sisters.


Home Decor

A US based online shopping website for home decor collections.

Some boring facts about me, you may want to skip reading.

My love with the internet started way back in 1998, when I was designing web pages in hand coded HTML and creating webpages on my favorite movie stars at geocities. I took a Multimedia Specialization degree from Arena Multimedia in 2000 and i had a lot of time to play around with images, video and audio there. I designed a few web sites and administered two popular forums too. I got introduced to Google AdSense one day, and since then I”ve been studying my way up to make money online. I was successful i must say, my first Google check was drawn for INR 13,000 (US $ 288), but it took me an year to earn it(on forums damn it!).

Later, after finishing my masters in Business Administration , I got introduced to SEO through the DP forums(which taught me more on what not to do) and it’’s been a roller coaster ride since then.

I’ve been working with webmasters optimizing their sites for Google, Yahoo and MSN and ensuring them more visibility on the SE’’s. I’ve worked as in house SEO(Search Engine Optimization Specialist) to a UK based stock photography agency Alamy.com trying to help them with optimizing their biggest database of over 1 million images and their awesomely huge website. I”m a web-designer sometimes, dabbling with CSS styling and photoshopping images.

Other things you might want to know.

Apart from writing at DailySEOblog, I blog at Manikarthik.com and help online companies with SEO, SMM and online marketing efforts.

I’ve left comment boxes around, feel free to scribble down what you think.I”d appreciate that.

How can I help you ?

Well, if you are a web master / CEO / Online business owner - Then I might be able to help you generate some leads and get you a boost in your online traffic, using SEO.

And if you’re a product / service seller - I might be able to give you some leads by reviewing your product/ service. (It costs)

Should you trust me?

It’s natural - I would’ve thought the same thing if I were you. You should always verify and check one’s reputation before getting in touch, especially on the internet. Well, the best information about me is here. I don’t want to sound like a marketing guy, but here are some sources that might help you.

Interviews - Bloghology Magazine, Financial Chronicle, Kerala Bloggers, New Web Business, Ampercent

And, If you got a doubt/suggestion- just drop me a line at mani(a)dailyseoblog.com

I guarantee you a reply. ;)

And yes, this is the only boring page you”ll see on this blog, I bet !




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