10 Tips To Setting the Stage for Big Enterprise SEO

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Enterprise SEO

1. Have a bit of SEO Faith

It is not uncommon to see businesses spend a large amount of money enterprise SEO initiatives. However, most end up with results that tend to indicate SEO doesn’t have the proper ROI and isn’t as influential to their business as they originally assumed.

Companies should be looking to do customer acquisition for their enterprise, or driving customers to their website instead of doing a feasibility test. SEO is a long term pursuit, and requires proper coordination.

2. It is NOT Cheap

Enterprise SEO isn’t cheap! It can cost up to 6 or 7 figures annually. Yes in the hundreds, if not millions of dollars. The overall ROI, or more properly lifetime value (LTV) of a customer will make up for SEO costs. This is something you’ll have to discuss thoroughly with the executives, and get them to buy-in to everything, including the cost.

3. In-House SEO or External Consultants

I am an external consultants, and I’d love to sell you on the facts of why you should hire AnnexCore, but that’s not my goal in this article. I want you to figure out if it is better to hire internally or an external team. In-house has it’s advantages in speed, potentially cost, and is close to the pulse of the company. The disadvantage are that you may have to train them, they will lack experience if you’re hiring right out of college, and may not not of the latest tools available out there.

My honest opinion would be to build an in-house team, but before you start doing that, you should get help from an lean external agency. They will help you establish the framework to move forward, and train your team as they go forward. Even when you have an in-house team, the synergy that an in-house and external team combined can be immeasurable.

4. Enterprise SEO Needs Time, Not A Magic Wand

Don’t think Enterprise SEO will be magic wand that will turn things around for your company immediately by driving the hoards of traffic from Google. It takes at the lowest six months before you can see results. Think of it is large cargo ship (like the Maersk Triple E) and will take some time to cross the ocean. Additionally, enterprise SEO has a larger agenda to fulfill ranging from legalities and technicalities of the projects at hand, things can appear to be virtually at a standstill for some time.

5. Get Everyone Involved

If you rank higher on a search engine, you are definitely going to get more exposure. Search engines get data from every nook and corner on the internet. Your Public Relations (PR) team may have had a sponsorship page which drew in hundreds of links, or a speech by your CEO that got retweeted a thousand times, everything factors into your SEO.

If you understand things in the broader perspective, you will be able to adopt Enterprise SEO program more completely, which better results. It isn’t about constantly adding more keywords to rank for, it’s about driving traffic by offering stuff the public wants.

6. Marketing and SEO go Together

Place Enterprise into marketing, IT or even editorial. Of course, you have to base it around the structure of your business and the industry you’re in. In large electronics manufacturing companies, having engineers on the team helps provide valuable technical insight and opportunities.

7. Make the Right Decisions

There are plenty of SEO companies out there, and many of them are great SEO companies, but some of them aren’t the best suited for enterprise SEO. Like in programming, there can be 10x SEO individuals who are the equivalent of a team at times. If your SEO person or team doesn’t have the ability to handle responsibilities for a large business, if they cannot articulate a vision or cannot garner respect from other executives, they aren’t worth it.

8. Gather up Those Technical Resources

Engineering resources are a bit difficult to locate, and quite often expensive. If your Enterprise SEO does not have its own technical resources, it is no reason to worry. Sometimes you have to scratch your head, take inventory of what you do have, and what you need to build up over time. Like we said before, Enterprise SEO has to be about the long haul. You can build this content by working with your vendors, customers and the multitudes of departments you have access too.

9. Process. Process. Process.

When you manufacture anything, or you run an editorial team. It is quite often about a repeatable process. Enterprise SEO plays the same game.

It requires you to manage the entire web activity ranging from search engine results, content on-site, social media mentions, and continuous updates. This is why establishing a comprehensive process so nothing gets left out is important, and at the same time figure out which SEO efforts aren’t worth it.

10. Pay Attention to Mentions

All search engines including Google, gather web signals from a variety of data. Social media happens to be the biggest area to monitor. You never know when a mention on Twitter could result in a backlink for you. It also lets you snip bad PR in the butt quickly. Also keeping tabs on who is backlinking to you is important as well, it let’s you see who could potentially be a new market for your company.

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