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4 Easy Tips to Rank for Your Name on Google

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It doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult, to rank for your name in Google or any of the other search engines, but it can be a lot harder than you think. You and your business could pop up—but it might not. Ranking highly in Google is difficult, even when it’s your own name. You might think your name is pretty special, but with over 7 billion people in the world -- it's very likely a few other people share your name as well. For this reason and many others, you will want Read full article [...]

6 Online Marketing Trends That Will Change the Face of Inbound Marketing

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The Internet has dramatically altered the ways information is shared, having had a substantial impact on online marketing. There has been more of a shift towards inbound marketing over the past few years, which has made outbound marketing become rather antiqued. Many companies nowadays are implementing inbound marketing strategies that include using social media to reach more of their targeted audience and also to increase brand awareness. But online marketing trends are changing in 2015, and marketers Read full article [...]

How to SEO Proof Your Website in 2015

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Change is constant and especially so on the Web. Flash animations were all the rage in websites five years ago but have quickly gone out of favor as Flash didn't support touch interfaces, lower power devices, and open protocols in the mobile era. The pace of change can create frustrations as websites need to be updated frequently to stay contemporary and competitive. While you can't stop change, there are things you can do to keep your website ahead of the curve, gain more traffic, and even Read full article [...]

How To Become a Successful Online Marketer in An Era of Information Overload

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It takes time to perfect any skill. Trial and error is a better teacher than any, but still there are a few tips that can help you boost your marketing expertise and help you avoid some of the most common mistakes. In every marketer’s life, there should be a room for learning, trying new methods, improving and polishing online marketing skills. There is always something that we as marketers can do better. I’ve gathered some quick tips that can help you become a stronger online marketer Read full article [...]

The Basics of Event Planning and How to Get The Best ROI Out of It

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Events provide a wonderful opportunity for you to build relationships with your target audience and generate goodwill and leads. The common consumer is constantly being bombarded with so many marketing attempts and messages from business organizations that it often takes a little extra to convince them to make the purchase. Event marketing is a great way to go that little extra mile and promote your product to your target audience. Problem is, organizing an event and having a decent number of Read full article [...]

Speed Up Your Video Marketing Campaigns with These Magical Tips

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“Content” has become the crucial aspect of every Digital Marketing strategy, companies are investing huge amount in content creation nowadays. However according to statistics, people will only be able to recall 10% of your content until and unless it’s a masterpiece with the momentous images, intuitive headings and serving the great purpose. No company, whether it’s B2B or B2C would want that!! Will you??? No company can invest the resource, time and money to every piece of content Read full article [...]

How Brightpod Doubled It’s Signup Conversions in 9 Months

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Brightpod is a Project Management Software for Marketing teams - an interesting tool I stumbled upon sometime back. Having seen them pretty often in search results and on social media, I caught up with their CEO and Founder Sahil Parikh to find out what was going on with their online marketing efforts. Apparently they increased their website traffic 100% in the last 6 months and almost doubled their visitor > signup conversion rate in less than 9 months. I thought that was pretty impressive Read full article [...]

10 Things Successful Inbound Marketers Do Everyday

Inbound marketers don't share different things, they share things differently. 1. Keep track of what's going on around you Trend spotting is not easy. Especially considering the large volume of information around us. But there are places where you can go to. Like or, which are active communities that share amazing information on everything online marketing. 2. Build new relationships People are always looking at opportunities to find value in whatever they engage Read full article [...]

5 Analytics Tools That Give Inbound Marketers The Upper Hand Every Time

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Your analytics toolkit needs to fulfill 5 essential roles: web analytics, social tracking, call tracking, mobile tracking, and content tracking. If you fulfill these five functions, you can be assured that you’ve got a complete picture of your results and will have the information you need to fine-tune your efforts. Apps For Web Analytics & Tracking This is the most basic tool in your analytics arsenal. You need to be able to have a complete picture of your web traffic. You need to know where Read full article [...]

New Age User Experience Research w/ Remote usability testing & Emotion tracking

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Before releasing a product into the market or loading your application into an app store, you need to test it. Testing is an extensive process because you have to get the right people to do the tests. It will certainly take time and also involves a considerable amount of expense. That is why you need to get a tool like YouEye. Give your usability testing a whole new approach by taking up YouEye. This online user research platform enables you to do remote usability testing very fast. What Can YouEye Read full article [...]