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1. Agent Web Ranking

Automatically check search engine ranking and check Search engine positioningSEO-Tools-agentwebranking 

2. Link Survey Tool

Automatically check the link popularity of websites on search engines. 

3. Link Popularity Check

Link Popularity Check is a freeware program that checks the link popularity status of your web site on several search engines and compares it to other web sites on the Internet (for example your competitors).

4. Link Popularity Analysis

Link Popularity Analysis(LPA) is a software specifically designed to analyze inbound links on Google. It is the first software that automatically search link’s PageRank and anchor text, help increasing link popularity and search engine ranking.

5. Link Check Pro

The program will verify if your link partners or reciprocal link partners are linking to your web site. If they don’t, this web master tool can send an e-mail to your link partners to remind them to put the link back.



6. Backlink Analyzer

A free link popularity / link analysis tool. It shows what anchor text is linking into a page or site.

7. OptiLink Competition Link Analyzer

A backlink checker that analyses competition for a particular search term.

8. Link Popularity Checker

link popularity checker software allows you to increase your sites link popularity by: Generating a comprehensive list of inbound links (link popularity report), Tracking link dynamics and Finding new related web resources for links exchange via competitor analysis.

9. Backlink Reporter

Analyzes backlinks, anchor texts and link popularity with a host of other metrics. SEO-Tools-backlink-reporter 

10. Advanced Link Manager

Searches for link partners within the links that are related to your keywords, keywords associated with backlinks and lot more.

I have to admit that not all of them are impressive, and I don’t personally recommend any of them. But it’s worth trying, most of them give good results, while some of them don’t always work. Some are paid while some free. Try out what works for you.

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We’ve seen all the keyword research tools earlier, but this one is new from Google (Launched Nov 2008). Initially the tool was not any better than the Adwords Keyword tool, but with time I’ve seen it improve in the results and I guess it’s good enough for a stand alone keyword research (almost) .

According to Google,

The Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword and landing page ideas highly relevant and specific to your website. In doing so, the tool helps you identify additional advertising opportunities that aren’t currently being used in your AdWords ad campaigns.

Based on your URLs, the Search-based Keyword Tool displays a list of relevant user queries that have occurred on Google.com (and on other Google search properties, such as google.co.uk) with some frequency over the past year; these suggestions can be found under the Keywords tab, in the New keywords related to (site) section. In the Keywords related to your search section, you can see a broad list of keyword ideas that are also relevant, but aren’t necessarily based on your site.

The keywords are also organized by category. Click any category to expand and view its subcategories. If applicable, you’ll also see the keywords organized by brand names


It’s more or less similar to the AdWords keyword tool in the fact that it shows you almost the same numbers. But it gives you better idea of what the competition is what’s the current bid for the keyword and how successfully you can break into.

The striking difference however is the the Search based keyword tool will give you better keyword suggestions based on actual google search queries. In AdWords tool, there are lot of assumptions and the data is not based on keyword searches on Google.

For example, for a search on “Search Engine Optimization” on AdWords tool, it would suggest you all the meaningless terms as top searches. In fact they are not searched phrases but data collected from the site’s content and whole other data with Google including searches. In order to find a good “Real search terms” you have to use skim through the junk and make good guesses.

But in the Search Based Tool, things are more simple. The Keyword suggestions are entirely from the “Google search queries”, and more meaningful. (see screenshot)

This tool can be of use to AdSense publishers too who wants to find out what are the keywords that are available at higher bids. Think about it. :)

You can find the tool here.

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Now that was a surprise. With all the third party sitemap gnerators available, this one is a Killer !
Google has announced it’s own homegrown Sitemap generator for webmasters that is more efficient than any other sitemap generators available yet.

Well, sitemaps are just a bunch of links for the spiders after all, but there’s quite a bit of thinking that goes into before creating one. And that’s what we weren’t told about in all the thirdparty sitemap generators, but not anymore. Google’s sitemap generator tool thinks on it’s own - or so it looks like.

According to the official blog,

Our new open-source Google Sitemap Generator finds new and modified URLs based on your webserver’s traffic, its log files, or the files found on the server. By combining these methods, Google Sitemap Generator can be very fast in finding these URLs and calculating relevant metadata, thereby making your Sitemap files as effective as possible.

So that means more effective sitemap generation and better indexing. And it’s from Google, so there’s no way you want to compromise on this with your old sitemap generator tools.

The only problem it looks like, is going to be the implementation part. Google Sitemap Generator is a server plug-in that can be installed on both Linux/Apache and Microsoft IIS Windows-based servers. As with other server-side plug-ins, you will need to have administrative access to the server to install it. You can find detailed information for the installation in the Google Sitemap Generator documentation.

So did you get rid of your old sitemap generators or ?

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Bruce Clay have released two free SEO tools to the free seo tools collection today.

The new tools are the Search Engine Optimization/KSP tool and SEMToolBar. Both tools aggregate select data from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and provide relevant SEO information like CPC, Number of searches and CPC. This is very interesting, something that’s not available on the popular free seo tools.

The Search Engine Optimization/KSP tool offers marketing centric keyword statistics. A user can enter up to 12 keyword phrases at a time and see search counts from major search engines, click-throughs and CPC rates, categories, searcher demographics and more for each keyword.free-seo-keyword-research-tools

The SEMToolBar installs in-browser to provide the data and tools that are most relevant for search engine optimization. The toolbar supports more than 20 languages, offers proxy searches, customized search interfaces, search result annotation, domain highlighting, keyword demographic data and page statistics. Basically it gives you all the basic SEO info like PR, Inbound links, Yahoo directory listings, DMOZ listings etc to do the basic checks.

seo-toolbar Looks like there’s more to come from them, I’m hoping they’ll be innovative and not just “yet another seo tool”.

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This one’s perfect for those who’d like to flaunt their blog stats. Pagerank, Alexa, User stats, RSS feed subscribers and the like.

Of course, you can manually put them together but if you remain busy and would prefer it all automated like me, this is the plugin for you. It puts together all the following stats on a single page, and will update the values automatically.

This will be the perfect solution for those looking at putting up a page for advertisers, to convince them that is.

And if your blog stats are not yet impressive, hold on, we’ll try this guy three months later. ;)

blog-stats-plugin(That’s great stats, whoever it is.) :o

Author - Wesley.
Download the plugin here.

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Here is a nice list I found the other day. W-Shadow has put up a top 10 list of the best Wordpress plugin developers of 2008, based on plugin popularity and number of plugins developed. I think it’s a very apt and true list. Check out the plugins from these authors, they’re all cool.

  1. Michael Torbert
    961 306 downloads. Co-author of All In One SEO Pack (originally created by Uberdose).
  2. Matt Mullenweg
    921 827 downloads. Everybody knows Matt, the main WP dev and author of Akismet.
  3. Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
    775 220 downloads. Author of WP-Polls and other cool plugins.
  4. Arne Brachhold
    628 350 downloads. Author of Google XML Sitemaps, etc.
  5. Andy Skelton
    449 345 downloads. Author of WordPress.com Stats. Another dedicated hacker.
  6. Alex Rabe
    429 705 downloads. Author of NextGEN Gallery, etc.
  7. Oliver Seidel
    361 918 downloads. Author of cforms II.
  8. Joost de Valk
    328 036 downloads. Author of Sociable, Google Analytics for WP and numerous other tools.
  9. Donncha O Caoimh
    246 752 downloads. Author of WP Super Cache and other assorted plugins.
  10. Vladimir Prelovac
    244 963 downloads. Author of Smart YouTube, various SEO plugins, and more.
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Traffic Travis is amazingly a free search engine optimization software, that will take care of all the basic seo checks and analysis. It does all the usual drills like site rank checks, page analysis, keyword research etc. There is nothing exclusive to Traffic Travis in the free edition, mostly all the stuff can be done with the free seo tools set available online on many websites. But the good point is that Traffic Travis has a nice clean interface where all the basic checks are packaged into one. It’s easy for one to navigate and get  the results in real time.


Here are the features.

Keyword Tools – Keyword finder and Keyword Sorter

Search Engine Tools – Rank checks, Top sites discovery for a particular keyword, backlinks checker, Project report

PPC Analysis – Keywords details, Top sites for keywords, Most popular keywords, Websites keywords list.

Page Analysis – Analysis the basic SEO checks like meta tags.


That’s pretty much it. Traffic Travis cannot boast of advanced (or even moderately advanced) SEO analysis, but it is a nice little package where all the basic things are arranged in a well organized and easy to use manner.

For a beginner, who doesn’t want to dig too much into search queries and algorithms, this one’s a good companion.

You’ll love the icons and mascot !

Download Traffic Travis here.

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If you know the SEO basics, it’s pretty easy going from there. For an SEO basic review that is. To help you analyze your webpages, Google webmasters recommend the Lynx browser, which is a text based browser that “almost” shows you the website how the search engines would see.

As a matter of fact, not Chrome or Firefox will show you the “basic ripped off version” of a website. They plug in all the fancy stuff including Javascript, Ajax and all that to give you a better browsing experience. While Google and the other search engine bots, rips off all the fancy stuff, and scan the website in a text mode (almost). This is exactly the reason why you don’t get the SEO results while following the visual patterns of Firefox or Chrome or IE for that matter.

So, try Lynx. Lynx will show you a ripped off, text version of your website. And almost as close to as how the search engines see it.

It will align content on your website without the styling, so don’t be scared when you see your sidebar content on the top or your footer content on the left. Be ready for some surprises!

Now, analyze the tags, content optimization and keyword matches to your competitor.

Do you see a difference? Try to minimize them and for a moment..forget about the styling and march ahead !

Download the Lynx browser OR Check out the online Lynx viewer.

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Some SEO Experts likes it all automated, and some folks prefer the manual way. You know, the routine SEO can be quite a drag sometimes. Reports, Page rank checks for each page, Backlink checks, Onsite checks and all that stuff !

Some folks like me prefer it the hybrid way. Little bit of automation and little bit of manual checks makes it all fool proof. And it’s a truth that many of the tools we use are pretty much available for everyone.

Here are some SEO soft wares that you might find interesting if you want to automate the SEO chores that is. Most of them are available for purchase, but the makers have also provided demo versions for the curious minds, so try them, there are a few real good ones among them.



Does quite a lot of SEO automations including,

- SERPs tracking tool for Google and Yahoo.
- Page rank monitoring.
- Word density.
- Number of referrers.
- Number of indexed pages.
- Site auto discovery for relevant search terms & pages.
- Main referrals analysis.

2. Web CEO


Does basics and a bit advanced SEO chores

- Keyword research Tools.
- Search Engine Submission tools.
- Link partner finder tools.
- Rank checker.
- Indexed pages check.
- Link popularity checks

3. SEO Max

SEO Project automations mostly

- Projects creation
- Quick Rank
- Competitors analysis
- Web Page Analysis Logo
- Ranking Charts
- Professional Export to PDF 
- Results sorting 
- Results Grouping by everything 
- Export in grouped view
- Visual data filtering 
- Price table management 
- Generate price by project

4. SEO Administrator


A full fledged SEO metric automator

- Ranking Monitor
- Link Popularity Checker
- Site Indexation Tool
- Broken link checker
- Link exchange software
- Reciprocal link checker
- Log Analyzer
- Sitemap software
-  Page Rank Analyzer
-  Keyword Suggestion Tool
-  HTML Analyzer

All of these SEO softwares has a demo version (linked)  available that will give you access to almost all the features. None of them has restricted features, but limited website profiles access. But that itself would be able to give you an idea of how powerful they can be.

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I’ve been getting lot of inquiries lately for quick SEO analysis and quick fixes that I thought I’d open up an order form for all those who want to order those one time search engine optimization checks.

SEO Quick Analysis is a condensed capsule SEO report  loaded with all the basic SEO checks and SEO metrics analyzed for your website.

It will give you a snapshot of what your website is, how much it scores and suggestions on improvements, pointing out the errors.

The idea is to give all those who want quick guidance on SEO basics, get rid of their errors, tighten up those loose ends and move forward.

The Analysis will be available starting from $25 to $100 depending on the customization options.

With all the information available on DSB, it is easy to gear up towards a better search engine optimized site. Or so I believe :D So, all of you who don’t want to do the boring SEO chores and leave it to me, feel free to order one.

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