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The Amazing Potential of Infographics in 2015

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

In this digital world, where we are bombarded with a wealth of information constantly, infographics can cut through unnecessary detail to deliver your business’s message clearly and succinctly.

What Is an Infographic?

An infographic is a visually appealing method of conveying a wealth of information in easy to understand, accessible chunks. They are usually made up mostly of images although there can also be text, which draws attention to the most important points. Text based infographics work particularly well when there is a large amount of technical data to convey as this example from Truck Locator demonstrates.

How Do Infographics Help Your Business?

Let’s dive in.

Convey Information

People only have a very short attention span when it comes to reading about your business and infographics can help them understand what you offer in a concise way. Skyline provides serviced offices in London and their infographic about the buoyancy of the capital’s economy makes it patently clear, in just a few images, what an attractive proposition it is to run your business from such a thriving city.

Get Shared

Because infographics make bold statements through visuals they catch the eye and not only make the information they contain more memorable, but they also encourage the reader to share them with others. A well designed infographic has the potential to go viral as people share it across social media, particularly on sites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Brand Building

An infographic usually includes your logo, so it raises awareness of what your company offers while also providing exposure for your brand. The more times a potential client sees your logo and branding the more likely it is that you will stick in their mind when they are making a purchasing decision.

A great way to give content from your website a new lease of life is to turn it into an infographic, so the information is presented in a new, dynamic way.

Entertainment Factor

As well as factual information, if you can include interesting facts or a visual joke in your infographic you are more likely to see success.  Humour or something to make the reader smile or reminisce will not only make the infographic more memorable, but it will also make it more likely that it gets shared.

Build Links Back to Your Website

If people share your infographic on their site, which you should make it easy for them to do you will be building links back to your own website. This helps you to rank better in the search engines and provides social proof. Readers will feel that if your information is worth sharing, you are worth finding out more about.

What Makes a Good Infographic?

Infographics are a valuable tool for building interest in your business. However, they need to be well designed to be effective. There is no point just gathering a few images and text and hoping that this hits the mark. An infographic needs to have a flow, just like a good story, which helps the reader to absorb the information easily and quickly.

The search engines aren’t able to read visual images therefore you need to surround the infographic with search engine friendly text so that it gets ranked. Always include social sharing buttons after your infographic so that it is easy for the reader to share it quickly.

If you want to encourage others to share the infographic on their website then offer the code so that they can embed it in a post quickly and easily. They will benefit because you are providing valuable content, and you will benefit because they are spreading your message.

Infographics do take some work to put together and the services of a designer to give them a competitive edge. However, this investment is worth it because of the value infographics hold in terms of their potential to be shared, the information they convey about your business and ultimately their ability to promote your brand across the web.

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