Wordpress SEO

Now, why is everyone turning to wordpress? You hear about Wordpress every now and then. We don’t know what happened, but suddenly, everyone is turning to blogging and blog means wordpress to many. Corporates, Individuals, Medium companies, Services…everyone is turning to wordpress these days.

Why Wordpress and SEO?

Wordpress is a powerful blogging platform. And search engines like Google love wordpress. And if you have passed your fifth grade, then you probably are a wordpress guru.

Yes, ease of use and versatility is the main reason why everyone’s embracing Wordpress. And surely, Google loves Wordpress (blogs for that matter.)

So now you have a great product to market, a great service to offer, and you know that the world is your target, so where do you begin with?

Two things. Wordpress and SEO. With a powerful blogging platform like Wordpress, and an even more powerful factor called SEO, there’s no stopping you. You can start selling to anyone in the world and market you website to the right audience.

SEO for Wordpress?

Search Engine Optimization, as you might already know, is the technique that will help you get more visibility and exposure online on the various channels through your website.

With SEO, your world is your audience.

Gone are the days when you created a webpage and waited for days to get it indexed on Google and the world to know you. With the power of SEO, you can pretty much let the world know your opinion in just a matter of hours or minutes.

If you have a wordpress website, how easy is it to get on Google?

Interesting question. Now, with all the power of Wordpress, it’s very easy for you to assume that all you need to do is just go blogging, and take the world in your hands.

Not really.

If you have a wordpress blog set up, it may be easier for you to come up to the top results on Google, but if you don’t approach it scientifically, with the metrics in place, then don’t even think of ranking on the tenth page of Google.

So what does it take to rank high on Google?

Wordpress + SEO + Brilliant Content added with some little hardwork can work wonders! And in fact, that’s all it takes to get high ranks on Google.

SEO for Wordpress

SEO for wordpress isn’t rocket science. It is in fact different from other SEO strategies that it may seem confusing. But if you try and learn it, it’s easy.

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So, how can I use Wordpress to SEO my way up to top ranks in Google?

Well, honestly, there are no formulas about it. It all depends on the nature of your website, your content, your strategy and your time frame.

Wordpress has a set of features that will help you as SEO tools. Of course, Wordpress is by default, SEO friendly, but there are a few things that you need to take care of.

Categories, Tags, Sitemaps, Page Titles, Meta Information, Duplicate content, Homepage stuffing, Pages, Site structure, Plugins, it all ends up in designing a well rounded strategy. And when you dive into details, Wordpress gives you more options and configurations that you can get confused.

Of course, leaving things to an expert is the easiest way to go about. But also keep in mind that, there are a few things an SEO can’t do but is upto you. An SEO can give you the best Wordpress platform with the best SEO friendly design and track your SEO metrics to design content that will help you reach top of Google. But again, it all depends on what you are about and what you want to rank for.

But comparing with other blogging platforms, Wordpress is the best one available today, it is SEO friendly, is configurable to reach epitome of SEO success and can even be developed into a CMS. I don’t think there’s any other platform available today like Wordpress that possess this potential.

If you want more help on Wordpress SEO, hire me.