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Meet Mr.Suhas Gopinath, CEO of Globals Inc, The world’s youngest CEO (He’s from India).

BBC, one of the world’s leading news media recognized Mr. Suhas Gopinath as the world’s youngest CEO for his achievement in expanding the organization as a leading multi-national company offering cost-effective solutions in web, software, e-commerce, networking and mobile.
He started his love with the Internet when he was 16 and used to do a part time job at a local Internet cafe, to find money for surfing the net again!
His friendship on Yahoo chat with Mr.Clifford Leslie made way to establishing a freelancing company called Globals in the early days.With Mr.Cliffords help, Suhas did many free lancing jobs for clients abroad in web designing , and he was the only employee at the company Globals.

Today Globals is a company with 700 employees, presence in more 11 countries and with an annual turnover of 30lakh US $.

This young CEO is an inspiration to the young internet enthusiasts in India.

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