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I’m back from Searchcamp and missing it badly.

I’d like to give my hugs to Kiruba and The Knowledge Foundation team, for their efforts in making this happen.

It was indeed a pleasure to meet many professionals and entrepreneurs under one roof. Many faces, young and vibrant, their every word.. wisdom to me.

I’ll have to name a few here for..I don’t know why.. but I have to.( In no particular order )

  • Ashwin from OrganicApex - He’s a young chap who’s the CEO to a company which has got many branches in India and employs quite a good number of people. I wouldn’t have know about this wizard had I not attended the SearchCamp.
  • Kiruba of course. Been a fan of his, met him at the searchcamp only to know that I’m one among thousands. A gem of a person.
  • Praveen from Sulekha.
  • Balaji from Sify.
  • Madan, Prasanna and Rajesh who took me to a movie and made me feel at home in Chennai. I felt and salute the “Chennai spirit” in them
  • Chetan, whom I’d known only as a well-reputed member of the DP forums, came out to be a medical student. A very pleasant modest wizard in money making.
  • Chandrasekhar - Another amazing guy.
  • Satish who came all the way from Vizag.
  • Sasidhar, the man from Google who enjoyed a typical “Googler’s day at conference” getting grilled at the Q&A sessions.
  • Mayank Gupta - Another money making guru in the making.
  • Sojan from Chennai - Saw the true spirit of SEO learner in him.
  • Tilak - An awesome young chap from the blogosphere.
  • Rajesh who rushed home to pick his daughter and return so that he can attend my session.
  • And all the great ones who managed to make me write down my number and contact on paper.

I still have some very clear faces that I’ll recognize ..but unfortunately I’m not very good in remembering names. So please let me know if I’ve missed you off the list..you know sometimes you need to remind your friends that you are one. Please feel free to do that.

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  1. It was wonderful to meet you. Equally interesting was to meet the 16 year old CEO ( name withheld- he’s a minor!) who hates Google CEO.

    On the whole good fun.

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  2. hi, mani,

    thanks for the nice photos :)

    keep in touch - i will meet you on chat

    http://dailyseoblog.com/searchcamp/images/Searchcamp-101.html :):):)


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  3. Hey!! Nice post dude…btw if you forgot what i do….Im into seo service and outsource most of my work to the young ceo aswhin :P

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  4. Sounds like you had a great time :)

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  5. Wow! Never expected you to come with something bout me.

    The event was amazing over all…

    Even though i was initially there to hire people, i ended up hiring no people but building industry contacts.

    Overall, amazing 2nd day :P
    And you were the star of day #2 mani

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  6. hey man it was a rocking event and u were a great part in it. i have nothing much to say as am commenting through my mobile. thanks for mentioning me but i never thought i deserved it!

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  7. Though we didnt meet in person, it was good to know abt dailyseoblog.

    As said over email, will get in touch after 2 weeks so we can sort it out :)

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  8. [...] remember last time, the organic SEO part had taken  back seat, which was disappointing. But this time around the [...]

  9. Keep up the great work ;)

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