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Digg or Mixx

I thought I might be the only guy who prefers it. In fact, it was an easy guess to me that it would die out soon as any other social media mushroom. But the fact that it managed to get into the good books of many and stood face up to the criticism made me like it more.

ChrisG liked it and I completely agree with him. It has all the features, carefully planned to take down Digg (I assume). Community, UI, Ease to handle, Content - everything is just rich enough to take down any existing social media site. Some of the features made me think - “Why did not Digg implement this earlier, or why aren’t they?” Now, if you compare Digg to Mixx, clearly there are differences that puts Mixx on the forefront.

  1. Digg takes more time to submit a story.
    A normal story submission process on Digg will take me 2 minutes or more, since there are more clicks involved.
    - First the waiting screen.
    - Second, I’ve to write a description myself and select from a picture.
    - Third, select a category.(No miss here)
    - Four, Enter Captcha.
    - Five, Submit.
    - Six, Duplicate check.
    - Seven, final submission.Mixx
    A normal story takes lesser time to submit, with lesser clicks.
    - First, submit URL.
    - Duplicate check.
    - Three, title and description automatically filled.Select category,tags (optional)
    - Four, Submission.

  2. Digg wastes my time and confuses me during a submission
    Ssince it checks for duplicate entries only after I’ve taken time out to write a description about the story. While MIxx checks for duplicate content even before you provide the description, and quickly after you’ve submitted the URL. Makes sense this way.

  3. Digg always aks for a captcha, Mixx requires it only when they find you submitting stories too frequently.
    This probably may have something to do with the traffic and spam ratio. But as a end user, I’m not bothered about it, I’m worried about my time, my effort and how easy the process is. Digg fails here.

  4. Digg is Spam, has no room for development
    Digg is controlled by the mafia you know it. There is very little or No chance at all for fresh stories to get popular, however good it is, unless you have the help of the mafia.
    Mixx is all new, there is lot of quality submission done and every one gets appreciation. Again, down the line Mixx may become like Digg, but as of now, it’s pretty good.

  5. I can’t find an appropriate category on Digg, Mixx has better categories
    It’s a shame that Digg has no apt categories for submitting blogging related stories or niche topics like it. You have very narrow choices that doesn’t make any sense at all. Everyone can’t be running a TV station or a Gizmodo to break stories. Why don’t they understand it?
    On the other hand, Mixx has got a better array of categories, and even if you fail to find one, there’s the option of tags. Which is awesome!

  6. Digg throws up stories that it thinks is interesting. Mixx shows me stories that are of interest to me.

  7. Digg does not have groups and Communities, Mixx has lot of them
    I think one killer feature of Mixx is that it has groups and communities to share your stories according to your taste and preferences. After all, that’s the whole fun in Social Media isn’t it ?

  8. Digg is harsh, It thinks some sites are unworthy of submission
    That’s bull s**t. While I tried to submit a story from a nice site, Digg says that the site is banned from submission, and I can’t submit any article from that site, despite them being good articles.

  9. Digg is Dull, Mixx is Hot !
    Looks matter after all. Especially when you are spending more time on one site , you don’t want to strain your eyes looking at dull and pale colours. Mixx on te other hand has got soothing colour scheme for your eyes, not too bright not too dull, just perfect with the best UI and user friendlyness.

So those are the nine points I think makes me prefer Mixx over Digg. Hope they make sense. If you really like Mixx, feel free to join The Mixx Fans group and get the company of the most passionate mixxers.

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  1. Good points, but I think point 8 is inaccurate, Digg has, I’m sure, a REASON to block a site/domain, even if that reason may need reviewing

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  2. Digg really takes a hell lot of time to submit and there are no appropriate categories too

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  3. Hello Mani, You wrote a very good article. I like how you mentioned the time differences in submitting which is a big factor for most. You want to complete the process as fast as possible so people don’t think about it and regret it.

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  4. Good comparison.

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  5. Excellent article.

    Personally, I’m not too hip on digg as it just isn’t worth the effort.

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  6. kylde..that’s fine…but its very irritating to me as an end user..wished they explained me why a site was unworthy of submission :(

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  7. Hi mani,
    One thing you can’t get from mixx at the moment is Gigantic ’server breaking hits’. So in my opinion Digg is the best of all even though submission takes more time. Once I got it from digg - one of my blog got over 1.5 lakhs hits from digg itself from a single day. and you can get ‘aftereffects’ too.

    Anothe thing I noticed in this post that you put image next to your google adsense. In my knowledge it’s not allowed. Inserting a small space or a line between the images and ads will not make the implementation compliant.

    It’s me Binoj, another SEo

    Binoj Xavier’s last blog post..Images Near Adsense Ads Are Not Allowed

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Binoj, i thought the adsense-image conflict had been sorted last year. What is not allowed is, placing small images deliberately to misguide readers that they are “one block”. There was a common “trick” of placing small images aligned near the ad blocks to get the attention to them. I’m no AdSense guru, and I do no tricks lol. This one should be fine. Thanks for the heads up though.

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  8. :) Fine. Keep up the good works..

    Binoj Xavier’s last blog post..Images Near Adsense Ads Are Not Allowed

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  10. You made some excellent points in this post. I’ve also become frustrated with Digg’s painfully long submission process.

    Of all the reasons you mentioned, I can think of at least one more that (for me) is a major reason Mixx is my social media site of choice: Mixx is straight-up more fun than Digg or any of the other news-sharing sites.

    Thanks for a great post. Geaux Mixx!

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