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Article marketing is undoubtedly one of the most best tools out there in SEO that really works. I mean, we are talking results here. What’s SEO without results?

If you ask me that one factor that really helps to make that push way up on the SERPs, then it’s backlinks with proper anchor texts. That’s a deadly combination isn’t it ?

Imagine you getting backlinks from thousands of blogs from your desired category (say blogging itself), and you getting to chose all the anchor texts ? Awesome – wouldn’t it be?

Well, what would you do achieve that ?

- Write a 101 list of web resources ?  But there are already too many out there.
- Unleash a link bait with a flame topic ?
- Code and release a wordpress plugin that no one ever built ?

Well, if all that sounded a little tough…there’s an easy way around.

It’s an automated tool that lets you collect backlinks. But before I explain how to use it, first, this is what it does.

  • You write a real good..wicked..kickass article on a topic related to the category in which you want to get links from. Let’s say you want to gather links from all the “make money online” blogs…so you write a unique article in about 300 words on  “The 101 ways the gurus did not tell you to make money online.” Got the point ? (In fact, it  needn’t be as vivid and exclusive as this)
  • You embed three contextual links in the article with the anchor texts of your choice.
  • You select the category of blogs where you’d want to deploy the article.
  • You additionally rewrite the article a few more times that you want to publish it for. (To avoid duplicate content.) Yea, this is done technically  to avoid similarities, and you can’t automate this. Even if thy had a tool to, I wouldn’t recommend it. But manually doing the rewriting is effective.
  • And then you publish the article.

Your article (and it’s rewritten content) gets published on every blog from the category you selected (this is based on a manual acceptance check done, so no spam here).

You get all the contextual backlinks from the blogs that publish the content.

Now, I cannot guarantee that all the blogs that publishes the content will be awesome ones, there might be silly ones, but you can ignore them. With having hundreds of backlinks, we cannot expect all of them to be great – fair ?

Okay, so the tool I was talking about is this one – Article Marketing Automation.
A very cool tool if you ask me, that can be utilized to reap some quality backlinks if used wisely. It’s easy to use and very effective but costs you around $49 per month. I think that’s reasonable.

One word of warning though: Like all good tools, this is again an exploitable tool that spammers can use to market link farms, so make use of it before it gets abused.

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  1. hmm i know better idea. Submit your pr article in some of few free pr blogs.I dont think that any other bloger will copy and past all article and sure not hundreds of blogers :) and if somebody will copy my article and put it on his web links will not work, they cant

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    PR is a good idea, but you get the same content on all blogs right ? This is a much more flexible option I guess.

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  2. i dont belive it, maybe this can work in usa, eng,.. but in a small country like slovakia nobody will copy your article. But it is possible that, if you creat really impresive article someone rewrite it and take link to you(that happens to mee few time) but you loose your kw in text on you. For Pagerank better method, for kw in serp worst.
    In that method (submit article in pr blogs) you have right it is same text=suplemental index in google.
    thx for reply Mani you have interessting blog if i will rewritte some of your idea i will link to you ;) Have a nice day

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  3. Articles are no. 1 baits for search engine crawlers. so whenever your doing some article investment, you cannot expect a hundred backlinks, but thousands and hundreds of thousands through time.

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    Mani KarthikNo Gravatar Replied:

    Well, you are right ’seo article writer’, but this tool is quite different form the normal article writing tools. I’d say this tool is thrice more effective than the normal ezine/article submission tools. Worth the money !

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  4. Article marketing is a great way of gaining not only backlinks but key words for better positioning with the search engines

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