Optimizing your blog/site can be frustrating sometimes(most of the times), because you get the results very late. But i don’t think this is an excuse for you to jump to black hat seo and lame SEO “trials”.

It’s surprising to see that even many authoritative websites have not implemented the basic SEO factors in place. This may not be intentional, but you see as an SEO, it pains to see something like this.(screenshot).
Just randomly searching i found these websites with their title real estate misused with a very general terms “welcome to”.

I’d been happy if all of these sites were personal homepages of a teenager boy or some. But unfortunately many of these are high authority websites(which is why they are on the top results!).

I strongly disagree with using lame terms such as

“Welcome to my webapge/home page” or “{{{{{Welcome to the webpage}}}}}”

I have nothing against the terms but, realizing that the title tag is a real estate for rich and optimal(not spam please..) keyword usage, this is simply stupid!

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