Someone in the DP forums was making a statement the other day that -

You don’t need any SEO if you are on wordpress. It ranks you high on search engines by default.

It is partly true.Wordpress by default is a very Search Engine friendly blogging platform. But when you are in the default mode, that is if you are not installing any plugin, or if you are not tweaking your template - then you are not utilizing wordpress to it’s fullest potential.

We’ve discussed already the SEO tweaks on wordpress template that will give you top ranks on search engines. Here is a compilation of Top must have SEO plugins for wordpress - as an SEO i recommend this to all wordpress users who are serious about making money online and generating traffic to your blog.

  • SEO Title Tag plugin for Wordpress makes is dead-easy to optimize the title tags across your WordPress-powered blog or website. Not just your posts, not just your home page, but any and every title tag on your site! If this plugin, along with a few hours of keyword research and copywriting of optimized titles, doesn’t make a significant impact on your search traffic, you’re doing something wrong! Download the plugin here
  • SEO plugin for Wordpress- A very neat and handy plugin that gives the essential SEO traits to your blog.
  • Essential SEO plugin for wordpress from utheguru - Another neat plugin. No mess-ups and no let-downs. But the features list is not that very impressive.
  • Sitemap generator plugin for Wordpress - Creating a sitemap is always a safe way to guide the robots. It wouldn’t hurt to have one. This one is useful particularly if you have lot of pages on your blog.
  • Meta Editor plugin for Wordpress - As the name suggests, this one gives you the power to edit the Meta tags with more options and with ease. A must have.
  • Related posts plugin - This one does not directly control any SEO feature but helps you to increase your visitors length. It shows 10 related posts where you place it.
  • All in One SEO pack - This is a killer plugin. As the name suggests it rolls in all the SEO measureables into one whole pack, the title tags, the metatags etc. Must have.
  • Best SEO plugin pack - This guy is damn interesting. It’s got a long list of features namely - Feedburner Feed Replacement,Google XML Sitemaps,Head META Description,Ping all services,Share this, WWW redirect etc.If you don’t like to install one plugin each for a feature, use this one.

It’s obvious that you won’t be using all the plugins together(you can’t). But if you would like to use one plugin for all the SEO stuff, then pick All in one SEO. Otherwise, you have all the other small plugins to incorporate to your blog. Don’t forget that these plugins alone cannot give you results, but when combined with SEO tips and tweaks, it can prove wonders!

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  1. This is a great list of plugins. This type of list is priceless for the new kid on the block.



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  2. I am also using AIO SEO its a great plugin..
    aslo seo tips and tricks link is broken plz fix it.

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  3. Link fixed. That was one among the plethora of errors I faced moving from blogger to WP. Fixing individual links in posts to older posts. Got to hunt them one by one.

    Thanks Shashank..

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  4. “You don’t need any SEO if you are on wordpress. It ranks you high on search engines by default.”

    Although Wordpress is well loved by Google, don’t be so sure because if you don’t make regular posts with very good keywords, expect your PR to drop. This is not a guarantee. It’s a long standing misconception which people should know about. If your blog is in wordpress, that’s already a plus, but you must work your way religiously to get to a desirable PR.

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  5. Great list and gives useful information. Thanks for sharing.

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