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AdSense team have announced a new feature at Google AdSense units. It will help you make more money online customizing the ads according to your needs with more ease and precision. As of now, whenever you need to change the colours or any attribute of an ad, you have to generate the respective code from the AdSense account dashboard and copy paste the respective code to al the pages you are using the ads right? The new feature will delete this step. All you need is to make the changes in your dashboard, and click save. All the changes to the respective ad will be automatically changed in your blog as well.

I think this will help you to try out and fiddle with more attributes on your ads, checking what works best for you. Many of us kept away from experimenting changing the ad attributes just because it consumed lot of time and was messy sometimes. Well, not any more.

But you have to wait until this feature is enabled on your account. So watch out for a (new) “Manage Ads” link under your “AdSense Setup” tab in your dashboard. Read the full story here.

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