The next google page rank update is round the corner. No no no…easy, now don’t bug me on IM asking when is the date, I honestly have no clue. The grapewines say it’s around in April mid/last, so let’s watch and see.

Everytime there’s a page rank update the most excited would be the bloggers who started their blogging venture is less than three months earlier. This is the time when there are more searches for the term “when is the next google page rank update” and the related long tail ones on Google. Rest of the best, the boring daily bloggers wouldn’t be as excited as the young blogger because he’d have gone through the  update - downgrade - upgrade process by now and (probably penalized) lost his affinity to the green bar.

Now, the enthusiasm of the young bloggers is something that’s universal. Everyone is worried about whether their blog will get the green bar filled or not.

My question is - How much value does Google page give to your blog?

So you are a young blogger with a blog less than an year old. You have around 100 posts and gathered a few links from around the blogosphere. Hell, you’ve even submitted to directories only to know that they are a waste of time. I’m sure some of you might have even bought links from others in the blogsphere for as chaep as 5-10 bucks. So what value is Google Page Rank going to give you once you are calibrated?

You might sell some links? But Google will penalize you.
You might show off the page rank to potential advertisers? But they are more interested in your subscriber count.
You might show off your PR to a fellow blogger? They might have a better one.

Essentially, Google Page rank does not give you any value what so ever other than a fancy green bar.
It is just a publicly available visualization of Google’s own standards of rating sites to gather information.

And yes, please do not mistake that if you get a higher Google Page Rank you’d get better search engine rankings. That’s a mistake.

Google Page Rank has got no effect whatsoever on the search engine rankings position of a site. It is just an internal metric of Google to grade sites to make it convenient for them for data collection (or something similar).

So this time around, rather than fretting over the green bar, try gathering one way incoming links to your blog and developing unique content rich pages. Those two things can earn you lot of respect from Google, this page rank update.

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  1. Wow!! Good insight.

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  2. Nice to read about Page Rank’s significance !
    Well, i do agree with you that pagerank doesnt matters so much, but still its an indication of how important a page is in Google’s eyes !!
    You rightly said that content should be rich( “Content is always the King”)- adding to it i would say, a blog/site having great content has a great chance to have a good pagerank !! and i feel that reverse may not be true !! ( Someone may have a great PR, but his/her content may not be that good )

    What do you say Mani ?

    Ankit’s last blog post..How to access internet on laptop using GPRS enabled handset ?

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  3. am a little confused with the no-correlation between PR and google results? doesnt ur page rank bring u higher in google search results (provided key word density … etc is taken care)? am sure that PR is not the only thing … but doesnt PR give u a better chance?

    the rest of the article makes a lot of sense. especially for bloggers, it hardly matters what ur PR is! may be except, seeing ur own blog URL at the top, while searching for ur name :)

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  4. I never got the real meaning of that PR ranking. For one reason or another my blog shows as a first or second result in google - for several search strings - but that is more or less because of the content . Like a review of an album of a singer for whom public reviews are rare …etc.

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  5. Very bold!

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